Loire Tasting

Posted by Joe Salamone

The Riches of the Loire Valley
FREE Loire tasting this Thursday, January 26th,

Please RSVP!

There is likely more grape diversity in the Loire than any other region in France. Come and taste for yourself...

Unsurprisingly, engaging the region has been a rite of passage for burgeoning wine geeks for over a decade. The Loire simply offers so many great producers and pricing that somehow still remains reasonable.

Please join us THIS Thursday, January 26th, for an extensive tasting of Loire wines. Yes - it's free! - but we're asking everyone to RSVP to events@crushwineco.com. Please let us know how many people will be in your party.

On that night we'll cover the familiar Loire wines-Sancerre, Chinon, Muscadet and Vouvray while also exploring less well known appellations such as, Sancerre Rouge, Chinon Blanc, and Jasnieres and lesser seen grapes, like Pineau d'Aunis and Cot (aka Malbec.) The full lineup is below.

To begin with the reds, we'll be showing Baudry's Chinon Les Granges 2010, a benchmark Chinon producer, along with a Chinon from up-and-comer, Pascal Lambert. We'll also be pouring Crochet's Pinot Noir based Sancerre Rouge Croix du Roy along with famed Muscadet producer Marc Olivier's Cot (Malbec) that's hearty and delicious. Finally, delving deeper into esoterica, we'll pour two Pineau d'Aunis, a rare peppery grape native to the Loire from Clos Roche Blanche and Briseau.

On the white side, no Loire tasting could be remotely complete without including the masterful Vouvray's of Domaine Huet. You'll also be able to see Sancerre in two different styles: the crackling and crisp wines of Girard and the exotic richness of Boulay's Monts Damnes. One final thing to note, they'll also be the opportunity to taste Muscadet at various ages, from the brisk 2010s to the richer lees imbued 2004 Gorges from Bregeon.

There's much more being poured (how did we fail to mention Morgat's Savennieres?), so please check out the full list below.
This event is FREE, but you do have to RSVP - email us at events@crushwineco.com and let us know how many people will be in your party. See you Thursday!

Joe Salamone
Wine Buyer
Crush Wine & Spirits

Thursday's Lineup:


2010 Pepiere Muscadet Clos de Briords
2004 Bregeon Gorges
2010 Girard Sancerre
2010 Pabiot Pouilly Fume
2010 Boulay Montes Damnes
2010 Baudry Chinon Blanc
2010 Huet Bourg Sec
2009 Gauletteries Jasnieres
2009 Morgat Savennieres L’Enclos


2010 Clos Roche Blanche L’Arpent Rouge
2009 Briseau Patapon
2007 Crochet Sancerre Rouge
2010 Pepiere Côt "La Pepie"
2010 Lambert Chinon "Les Terrasses"
2010 Baudry Chinon Granges