Lowest Price in the Nation: Grandeur, Poise & Breeding - 1990 Bollinger R.D.

Posted by Ian McFadden

Lowest Price in the Nation:
Grandeur, Poise & Breeding
1990 Bollinger R.D.

It's this combination of polish, elegance and richness that make Bollinger one of the most unique, compelling and loved Champagnes around.

Out of Bollinger's stunning line-up, no wine captures this combination of suave richness and fineness as powerfully as their R.D. bottling. It is one of Champagne's legendary bottles.

Today, I'm happy to offer Bollinger's 1990 R.D. at $279.95.

This is the lowest price around by a very wide margin.

While the style at Bollinger is renowned for their signature richness, the R.D. is even more extreme. Bollinger's R.D. bottling is a later release with more time on the lees than the La Grande Année. The effect of this aging is startling, essentially bringing the volume up another decibel or two.

And yet, we'd be remiss not to mention the fineness, the freshness, the downright steely acids and minerals. Peter Liem appropriately points out, "Bollinger’s Champagnes are often known for their richness, but whenever I taste one, it’s usually its fineness that I notice first and foremost."

The 1990 R.D. has long been one of my favorite relatively recent releases. It's only grown more so with post-disgorgement aging. The depth and nuance have really flourished since its release. The 1990 shows the toasty, nuttiness of its long lees aging married to a dazzling minerality with hints of burnt citrus, vibrant minerality and touches of exoticism.

1990 is the final entry of a holy trinity of Champagne vintages (1988-1990). There was a very warm summer that produced beautifully ripe grapes. Gentle rains right before harvest delivered exactly what was needed to produce a superbly balanced vintage. The 1990s are simply grand in scale yet have class and poise. This is exactly the sort of vintage where Bollinger thrives.

When this parcel became available, I jumped all over it. The wine is too good and it was too sharply priced not to. I'm very happy to be able to offer the 1990 R.D. at this pricing.

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Ian McFadden
Director, Fine & Rare Wine
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