Lowest Price - Magical Morgon: 2013 Foillard Morgon Corcelette

Posted by Joe Salamone

Lowest Price - Magical Morgon
2013 Foillard Morgon Corcelette

When Corcelette is on, it's one of the most beguiling bottles of Beaujolais around.

Every year when our allocation comes through it's impossible not to drink a bottle immediately.

We're convinced that 2013 is going to be an important year for this bottling. 2013 is a year where Corcelette is blazingly clear in its expression.

Foillard is the master of Morgon, delivering wines of transparency, fascination and joy. I can't imagine Foillard not being a core pillar of the Beaujolais program here. The quality, the sheer deliciousness that he delivers, and the purity are simply extraordinary.

Foillard's Côte du Py has long served as his flagship, but since acquiring Corcelette not so long ago, the wine has served as the perfect counterpoint of the Côte du Py.

Côte du Py is about a certain deep meatiness and richness; Corcelette is about a more feminine grace and aromatics that jump from the glass. The difference between Corcelette and Côte du Py is simple: it is the soil. Whereas Côte du Py is a site composed of granite and schist, Corcelette has very sandy granite soils that produce more aromatic, silkier wines. Foillard's vines here are over 80 years old.

The more we taste 2013 Beaujolais the more its successes stand out as being truly special. The 2013 Corcelette exemplifies what we love about the vintage. The wine has such a verve and carries its combination of minerality, flowers, and bright fruits so explicitly. There's the silky texture that Corcelette is famous for with a beautifully complementary cut. It reminds me of the 2010 Corcelette, only the 2013 seems a touch more persistent and pointed. I should mention that a bottle of 2010 opened a couple months ago was stunning.

Corcelette is a rare bottling. There are only two other places where you can find the 2013. It's a shame because this is a gorgeous bottle. It is something that you'll likely want to drink in quantity. We created the special, very sharp 4-pack pricing for this reason.

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Joe Salamone
Wine Buyer
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