Magnum Force: The Ultra-Rare 2005 J.J. Prum 1.5s

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Due to your groundbreaking support of our �Riesling Futures� campaign and our corresponding support for some of Germany�s best vintners, we have secured some serious rarities that seldom see the American market.

It certainly helped that we were visiting these same winemakers this summer and was able to taste (and deal) while he was there.

(The legendary Wehlener Sonnenuhr vineyard)

Today's offer is from the *white-hot* large format category: Magnums of 2005 J.J. Pr�m Wehlener Sonnenuhr Sp�tlese and Auslese.

As we said in our earlier Riesling futures campaign, "While hype has its place, we remain unconvinced of greatness until we try what it is in the bottle... in short, the vintage lives up to the hype and will secure its place in history."

Very rarely does a wine offer such potential for both enjoyment and investment. The mastery of Manfred Pr�m, combined with the 2005 vintage with its �ber-concentration and depth, will make this a star bottle in anyone�s cellar. The thought of these wines in 20-30+ years sends shivers up and down our spine. And as for the investment part, at last sight, magnums of Sp�tlese and Auslese from 2001 were selling at over $200 � and that was almost 2 years ago! Today you can't even find the bottlings at auction.

Based on the 2-day sell out of our Pr�m futures in the middle of July, we did as best as we could to get as many as possible, but frankly, not many are bottled to begin with. To spread the wealth of this vintage, we will limit individual purchases to 3 magnums per pradikat, per customer.

We�ve seen 2005 750ml Auslesen offered at $60, $70, and even $80 and this is before any of the Shildenekt or Wine Spectator scores dropped. (Side note: We have a small quantity left of delicious and high-scoring Willi Schaefer #7 and #10 and all Zilliken wines for interested parties.)

Due to the ridiculous rarity of the magnum format (and our offer at the lowest price in the nation), these wines will sell out almost immediately. This offer is first-come first-serve and we can only guarantee 3 bottles per customer. However, let us know if you are interested in more and we will do our best to fulfill your order. So please, if you�re interested, we urge you to reserve your allotment immediately by calling us at (212) 980-9463 or by replying to this email.

Tom Stephenson
General Manager
Crush Wine & Spirits

J.J. Pr�m Wehlener Sonnenuhr Sp�tlese 2005
Crush NET Steal Price: $119.99
Lowest price in the Nation

J.J. Pr�m Wehlener Sonnenuhr Auslese 2005
Crush NET Steal Price: $134.99
Lowest price in the Nation

All wines will be available for shipping and delivery starting Monday, November 20th. To guarantee your magnum by Thanksgiving, be sure to ask for expedited delivery service.

Riesling in a Magnum?

Yes. Riesling is one of the most ageable white wines in the world, and magnums are perhaps the perfect bottles to age wine in (given the small air/wine surface exposure). In fact, only Chenin Blanc can compare (Chardonnay isn�t even in the running!) to the cellar transformations that Riesling undergoes with 5, 10, 20 or 30+ years in the cellar.

What begins its life as a rich wine with notes of pear, green apple, slate and intense minerality, changes itself with a good slumber in the cellar into an ethereal being with a delicate structure of petrol, smoke, earth, stone fruits and flowers. This producer, this vintage, and this bottle size: Everything�s in line!

So Right, and So Wrong

A last-minute thought: Bring a magnum of the Sp�tlese to your Thanksgiving dinner and watch everyone�s head do a 360 � and that�ll be before you even open the bottle! Riesling is a versatile food wine, and the classic Thanksgiving table actually offers it many stages on which to shine. Just make sure you buy two bottles, so you have one for the cellar!

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