Mascarello Barolo Monprivato 1.5L

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2005 G. Mascarello Barolo Monprivato 1.5L
A Rich Monprivato Echoing the Powerful 1999
Special Pricing on Rare Magnums!

Today a targeted offering featuring just about the coolest thing for a Monprivato fan: MAGNUMS

Giuseppe Mascarello's Barolo Monprivato is consistently one of our favorite traditional Barolos.

It is without a doubt one of the greatest expressions of Piedmont red; few achieve the Burgundy-like finesse that Mauro Mascarello coaxes from this prime real estate.

We offered regular 750ml bottles of the 2005 Monprivato in early December, writing: "While the 2005 is a powerful Monprivato, a wine that reminds Antonio Galloni of the 1999, it is also one of the greatest 'new release' deals to come around in a long time."

In keeping with this theme, today's limited parcel of 2005 Monprivato 1.5Ls areas low as $209.88 per magnum.

This offer goes out *only* to those of you who have supported Monprivato in the past and is good only on this small parcel of 2005 Monprivato magnums. Once they are gone, so is the deal.

As for the wine, in some ways the 2005 is a Super-Monprivato. First of all, the 2005 benefits from the inclusion of juice from the vineyard's sweet spot, the Ca d'Morissio, which is normally held back to make their reserve bottling. Additionally, in 2005 Mauro and his son Giuseppe were absolutely ruthless with the selection - only 50% of the fruit from the Monprivato vineyard made the final cut!

Galloni has compared the 2005 Monprivato with the 1999 edition, a wine he believes may some day be considered "one of the great Monprivatos of all time." (Interestingly, the 1999 also enjoyed the addition of the Ca d'Morissio fruit and is a notably rich and powerful Monprivato.) The result, in 2005, is a wine that simply shatters the expectations of the vintage. Whereas this vintage in general produced lighter, more classical Barolos, the 2005 Monprivato is a rich and textured Barolo with amazing power and finesse. The hallmark of the 2005, however, is its incredible purity of fruit, striking aromatics and wonderful harmony. This is a serious Monprivato with incredible potential. (Full tasting note below.)

I think it's safe to say the 2005 Monprivato may very well progress from very good to great as it develops and begins to show the quality of the raw material from which it was fashioned. As with all the top Monprivatos, this bottle will need a few years to come into top form, at which point it should improve for several decades.

In the magnum format, it will come as close to immortal as any wine from the Piedmont ever will.

This special magnum pricing, however, ends with our small parcel. To order, email us at offers@crushwineco.comor call the store at (212) 980-9463.

Robert Schagrin
Managing Partner
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2005 G. Mascarello Barolo Monprivato 1.5L

Wine arrives end of January

Antonio Galloni, Wine Advocate: "The 2005 Barolo Monprivato is a very pretty, harmonious wine endowed with tons of purity in its fruit. All of the telltale aromas and flavors of Monprivato are there – geraniums, roses, spices and flowers – but backed up by quite a bit of heft and body as well. Today, the 2005 Monprivato is quite tannic, but it should come around with a few more years in bottle. In some ways, the 2005 reminds me of the 1999, another vintage in which the Ca d’Morissio was not produced. Monprivato is typically one of the hardest wines to accurately assess when young, and only time will tell what heights it ultimately reaches. For now, the future certainly seems bright. This is a mysterious, seductive Monprivato that will be fascinating to follow. Mascarello was especially selective with his Monprivato and only bottled about 50% of his production. He also blended in the juice kept separately for the Ca d’Morissio, which in this vintage is about 20% of the final blend as opposed to the more typical 10% in vintages when the Ca d’Morissio is produced."