Mascarello's Monprivato - Discounted!

Posted by CrushWine

The continued low prices for Barolos from the estate of Giuseppe Mascarello are inexplicable, especially given the unquestionably elite status of the wines.

Because of one of the best deals we cut all year, we are thrilled to bring the prices of these wines even lower - up to 40% below fair market value! Importantly, at these prices almost any curious wine lover can try at least one bottle of this Piedmont Royal, before the numbers go up to where they should be.

This is also the year's last Italian offering, and such an honor couldn't be bestowed on a more worthy winemaker. Mascarello is one of my personal Piedmont favorites and these are two wines we've been saving for this final celebration: Mascarello's 2000 Monprivato and the inaugural 1993 Monprivato "Ca d'Morissio," both offered at the lowest prices in the nation.

Talk to any Piedmont fanatic and Mascarello's Monprivato is sure to be on the short list of great Barolos, in line with the great wines of Piedmont luminaries Giacomo Conterno or Bruno Giacosa. The wines share a similar spirit: Intensely aromatic - flowers turned into fireworks - a purity of fruit matched to leather and earth, and a mouthfeel that is at once layered and tensile. This is traditional winemaking that is transparent and pure while remaining unquestionably elegant and balanced.

It should also be noted that the 1993 Ca d'Morissio is a collector's item, not only because it is the first-ever vintage of this super cuvee sourced from the Monprivato vineyard, but also because it is in a way Mascarello's response to Conterno's Monfortino and Giacosa's Riservas. This is one of the Piedmont's most thunderous wines.

Incredibly, while the Barolos of Conterno and Giacosa have been unquestionably embraced by the high-rolling world of fine and rare wine (with prices to match!), Mauro Mascarello's heartfelt traditional Barolos have remained under the radar, at least as far as pricing is concerned.

The Monprivato vineyard is simply one of the best sites in the Piedmont. Renato Ratti's 1980s Piedmont classification put Monprivato as one of the 10 greatest sites - this is the Piedmont equivalent of Grand Cru.

The value here is outrageous: These are some of the best deals in the world of fine wine. Leave the rising prices of oil and the falling dollar out of the equation, and still the prices for Mascarello's top wines just can't stay as low as they've been. Unfortunately, this is most likely a final goodbye to top Barolos like this, at low prices like these.

It is beginning to happen, in part, already. Mascarello's Ca d'Morissio is finally beginning to get its righteous recognition as one of the great wines of the Piedmont, and prices are rising accordingly. The 1996 is currently trading at around $300 a bottle. His other wines will follow!

Please see below for pricing details. Keep in mind that for those of you who want to wisely stock your cellar, we've discounted the wines further for 6-pack and case purchases.

Either bottling would make the most discriminating Italian wine lover (not to mention red wine lover) happy this holiday season, especially since both are such incredible partners to typical holiday fare - hearty red meats and stews, etc. We would recommend decanting both wines for an hour or so before drinking.

However, if the bottles miss the holiday festivities, no worries - both wines will compose themselves in the cellar very well for an appearance 5+ years down the road.

Our only suggestion would be to celebrate 2007 by taking advantage of these prices that, in 2008, will feel very "last year" indeed. Quantities are limited. Please click below to purchase or call the store at (212) 980-9463 to order

For now, both wines are on special!