Melville Pinot Noir: Full-Throttle Elegance

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Full-Throttle Pinot Noir!
2008 Melville Pinot Noir Terraces and Indigène
Special Pre-Arrival Pricing Ends Friday!

Raw, high-voltage, hands-on, full-contact, full-throttle...
This is Pinot Noir with an intensity born under the California sun.

Yet what is so shocking is the...


Indeed, Melville's Pinot Noirs are somehow able to harness the seemingly perfect combination of cool temperatures and California sunshine of Santa Ynez to display an incredibly saturating flavor with vibrancy.

The fruit is INTENSE; there is an energy that absolutely ripples through these wines. Yet for all their almost blunt force, Melville's top Pinots have elegance - they are nimble. Few Pinot Noirs from California have so much clarity, few are so well-etched with a detailed array of palate-staining red and blue fruit, minerals, earth and flowers.

We taste a lot a New World Pinot Noir, and none have impressed us as much, or as consistently, as those of Melville.

Today, for the third year in a row, we offer our two favorites - the Melville Pinot Noir "Terraces" and "Indigène" - at the lowest price in the nation.

For anyone and everyone interested in authentic expressions of Pinot Noir, these two bottles are well worth the investment. Special pricing ends Friday.

Melville capitalizes on prime vineyard sites in the western hills of Santa Rita in California's Central Coast, where morning fog and wind moderates the warm, sunny afternoons and provides the ideal conditions for the notoriously fickle Pinot grape. Their vineyard work is beyond conscientious: They utilize densely planted vineyards (up to 1,800 vines per acre) with severely reduced yields. The farming is organic with biodynamic practices in place.

In the winery, winemaker Greg Brewer tries to capture everything that he can from the grapes. This includes using stems and a cold soak maceration of a week or more before taking the wines through a significant temperature spike during fermentation.

This is a severe regimen - though, presumably, that's exactly what gives the wines their severity. Brewer says that when he's finished with them, the grapes have nothing more to give.

As for the specific wines: The "Terraces," logically enough, comes from a small section of terraced vineyards. It exhibits round, layered, bright raspberry and plum fruits complicated by spice and underlying mineral notes.

The "Indigène" is Melville's only spontaneously fermented wine, named after the "indigenous" yeasts from which it is born. It shows a more silken and detailed profile with a discernible wildness. Here, blue fruits enter the spectrum with flourishes of white flowers and sun-baked stones.

The 2008 Melvilles are stunning, and our small parcel arrives next week. Due to the limited quantities available, we ask you to place your order and we'll allocate as best we can. Special pricing ends Friday and all orders are subject to confirmation!

Please email us at or call (212) 980-9463 to order.

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2008 Melville

Pinot Noir "Terraces"

Pinot Noir "Indigène"

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