Mesmerizing Elegance
2004 Krug

Posted by Robert Schagrin

"Krug's 2004 Vintage is absolutely mesmerizing. Readers who can find it should not hesitate, as it is a magical bottle."

-Antonio Galloni

It's with great pleasure that I offer 2004 Krug for $279.95 per bottle. Simply, this is a don't miss.

Krug's 2004 is dynamite. Galloni is spot-on when he calls it "magical." Without a doubt, it's the Champagne of the vintage.

Almost any discussion of Krug has to include the art of blending. It's this skill along with the corresponding array of superlative quality grapes to choose from that play an important role in Krug's success. It's impossible not to sense that these masterful blending skills paid additional dividends in this wonderful vintage.

The 2004 is a brilliantly clear and defined wine, quite intense and intricately layered. We love vintages of Krug like this. While not shy on power and grandeur, the 2004 also delivers a radiant elegance that is unparalleled.

Krug represents one of the pinnacles of not just Champagne, but all of wine. Krug can be simply profound in its depth of complexity and finesse. As Antonio Galloni writes, "When Krug is firing on all cylinders, there really is no substitute." The 2004 shows Krug in top form. While this is a wine that is on full display today, it promises to be even more stunning in the decades to come. This is a don't miss.

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Robert Schagrin

Managing Partner

Crush Wine & Spirits

2004 Krug

Special Bottle Price: $279.95

Antonio Galloni, Vinous Media: "Krug's 2004 Vintage is absolutely mesmerizing. Layers of bright, chiseled fruit open up effortlessly as the wine fleshes out with time in the glass. Persistent and beautifully focused, with a translucent sense of energy, the 2004 captures all the best qualities of the year. Moreover, the 2004 is clearly superior to the consistently underwhelming 2002 and the best Krug Vintage since 1996. Readers who can find it should not hesitate, as it is a magical bottle.