Metras, in MAGNUM: 2011 Fleurie VV & Ultime

Posted by Joe Salamone

Revelatory & Even Rarer - 1.5L
2011 Yvon Métras Fleurie VV
& Ultime MAGNUMS

The deal with Metras is simple: He makes awesome Beaujolais and he hates paperwork.

Can you blame him? Paperwork sucks.

Even so, Métras Beaujolais most certainly do not. In fact, they can be absolutely revelatory - they are without a doubt among the greatest, deepest, most ageworthy Beaujolais being made. Because of this, numerous U.S. importers have tried to convince Métras to indulge in the paperwork necessary for importation, but to no avail.

Which means that in the U.S. finding any Métras is hard - magnums are something of a dream. They have to be among the rarest of geek wines to grace the cellars of the lucky few.

Today, precious few big bottles of 2011 Fleurie "VV" (old vine) and the super-cuvée Ultime go on offer.

If you're receiving this offer it's because you've supported our elite-geek Beaujolais program (that's right, "elite-geek Beaujolais program"!) - Quantities are just too small to offer to a larger group. Even still, we'll have to allocate.

If you need a Métras refresher, check out last week's offer on regular bottles (small quantities available). The abridged version goes like this: Métras' wines show an extra dimension compared to most other Beaujolais. They are meaty and savory with dark, perfumed fruits, almost moist in their ripeness and backed by an intense streak of granite minerality.

In Fleurie, Métras farms the Grille-Midi and La Madone: both are top sites in prime, steep and very sunny climats. His Fleurie VV is sourced from both vineyards from vines ranging from 70-100 years of age. It offers a gorgeously perfumed nose of violets, crushed rock, smoke, and a combination of red and purple fruits.

As for Ultime, it's a super-rare selection of perfect fruit from very low-yielding, old vines from the same two vineyards. This all contributes to an even more significant dose of structure and tannin as well as greater concentration and depth.

The 2011 vintage in Beaujolais combines fresh acidity and vivid earth/mineral tones with ripe fruit. In the hands of the region's best, this is a really lovely combination. The best examples will age well in the mid-term, say 5-7 years.

Beaujolais big bottles - it doesn't get any rarer, any better. Please give us your maximum order and we'll do our best.

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Joe Salamone
Wine Buyer
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