Middle Mosel STEAL: Vollenweider

Posted by Joe Salamone

Intensity in the Middle Mosel
2010 Vollenweider Steffensberg Spät
2008 Vollenweider Steffensberg Aus
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(Re)-introducing one of the most compelling voices from the Middle Mosel.

Daniel Vollenweider stormed the German wine scene in 2000 with one lonely hectare of old vines.

He produced just a little bit of wine. He got a lot of attention.

The wines showcase an explosive energy, a luscious depth of fruit unlike nearly any other Middle Mosel Riesling. These are tour-de-force wines, with glossy, kaleidoscopic mid-palates, deep with pure fruit, all held in check by a simply ferocious acidity.

Already in 2003 (only Daniel's third vintage) he was awarded the winemaking "Discovery of the Year" by the influential wine publication Gault Millau.

By 2009 the same publication had him ranked at four stars, at the same level with heavy-weights Karthäuserhof, Schloss Lieser, Willi Schaefer and Zilliken. This is impressive company for an estate only a few years old, to say nothing of the fact that this "estate" is essentially a one-man show.

These are "must taste," "must try" wines for fans of Mosel Riesling and today we offer a small parcel at prices you will simply never see again - a good 20% below regular retail.

As happens in the wine market place, Vollenweider recently switched importers and the old importer dumped a small parcel of stock at just silly pricing.

We can all take advantage of this blip in the market.

Vollenweider’s wines have such fullness, such power and depth that we tend to find the more "classic" vintages the most compelling. Both 2008 and 2010 are vintages that showcase finesse – in Vollenweider’s case the rigorous acidity perfectly contains the plush, deep multi-faceted fruit.

Revisiting both these vintages over the last few years has produced more than one revelation - last February's "Rieslingfeier" celebration in New York felt, in some ways, like a celebration of the 2008s - so many of the top young bottlings were the 2008s, which have filled out without losing any of their laser-like precision.

Similarly, 2010, in the right hands, produced simply thrilling wines. Vollenweider handled the vintage superbly, his extravagant style playing perfectly into the rigor of the vintage. The 2010 Steffensberg Spätlese is one of the most integrated, most delicate Spätlesen from the vintage. It is superb.

Vollenweider currently farms about four hectares of vines; the estate remains a one-man show. While we expect to be hearing much more from this producer over the next few years, these wines will simply NEVER be available in great quantity.

They are unlikely to ever be priced so low again. To order, reply to this email or call the store at (212) 980-9463.

Joe Salamone
Wine Buyer
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Daniel Vollenweider