More extract of Kimmeridgian stone than wine - 2007 & 2008 Fevre Chablis Les Clos

Posted by Ian McFadden

Going from Strength to Strength
2007 & 2008 Fèvre Chablis
Grand Cru Les Clos

"Today's Fèvre wines rank with those of Raveneau and Vincent Dauvissat among the best of the region..." -Stephen Tanzer

If any two vintages made Fèvre's ascent into Chablis' finest an undeniable reality, it was the back-to-back vintages of 07 and 08.

Which is why we jumped at a parcel of Chablis' top Grand Cru, Les Clos, from these ultra-classic vintages. If you missed out on these or simply drank too many bottles from your stash (a real problem with these wines), here's what will likely be your last chance at two of Fèvres best.

Among Chablis' Grand Crus, Les Clos is the undisputed king. Les Clos is as powerful and densely mineral as Chablis gets. It is Chablis at its most statuesque, dazzling and complex. All of its power and sea shell minerality are married to supreme elegance.

And when it comes to Les Clos, Fèvre nails it. Fèvre’s Les Clos highlights the breeding and mineral-saturated concentration of this Grand Cru, while rendering it chiseled and cut.

Nowhere is that more present then in these two vintages, rare back-to-back years that produced beautifully transparent wines.

2007 is legend in Chablis, producing Chardonnay with a kind of focused energy that wraps you in a clean dusting of chalk and glossy orchard fruit. On Fevre's Les Clos specifically, The Burghound writes, "at the moment this is more extract of Kimmeridgian stone than wine but it's breathtakingly good. Don't miss it."

2008 continues the kind of racy, soil-driven and snappy structures present in the 2007s, but adds a little more weight and concentration. The World of Fine Wine called Fèvre’s 08s "candidates for perfection at every level." Of course, there's no place that this perfection is on display more powerfully than their Grand Cru Les Clos.

These are gloriously vivid renditions of what's arguably Chablis' most epic Grand Cru from a top producer. It's as simple as that.

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Ian McFadden
Director, Fine & Rare Wine
Crush Wine & Spirits

Burghound: "I had a chance to retaste this side by side with its 2008 counterpart and the '07 matches the brilliant quality albeit in a different style due to the vintage characteristics. As such, I am raising my rating slightly. An aggregator is how I would describe this nose as the range of aromas and subtle nuances is genuinely amazing with a purity of expression that is nothing short of riveting with the classic assertive mineral reduction character that suffuses the character of this wine from the incredibly detailed nose to the wonderfully long, palate staining finish. The big, rich, powerful, detail and superbly focused flavors are supported by a very firm acid backbone that confers a bone dry quality to the finish that I could still taste hours later. In brief, at the moment this is more extract of Kimmeridgian stone than wine but it's breathtakingly good. Don't miss it."

Burghound: "Here too the elegance of the nose is simply stunning with a layered and perfumed aromatic profile trimmed in an almost invisible touch of oak that allows it to ooze Chablis character and in particular, a fine minerality that continues onto the impressively concentrated and palate staining flavors that possess striking precision on the explosively long and bone dry finish. This is a great Les Clos that will make old bones."