Morstein beyond Keller, beyond Riesling:
2021 Seehof Weissburgunder Morstein "R"

Posted by Joe Salamone

Less than half a hectare of old vines in Morstein, a very famous brother-in-law and one of the most compelling Weissburgunders out there.

When we first introduced this wine almost ten years ago, we had to reference the relationship between Keller and Seehof. We felt the need to contextualize the greatness of the limestone massif that is Morstein.

photo of bottle of seehof

Above all, we had to explain the floral, seductive greatness of Weissburgunder (Pinot Blanc).

A lot has changed in the last decade.

The Rheinhessen now has a small but influential cadre of young growers making it among Germany's most dynamic regions. Think of producers like Moritz Kissinger to Carsten Saalwächter.

Wasenhaus alone has made “Weissburgunder” a collectible word.

What remains true is that Florian Fauth of Weingut Seehof is making one of the greatest Weissburgunders of Germany. What really stands out today is the profound value it delivers. 

At as low as $34.95 on the three-pack, this is simply a do-not-miss offer. Those of you who have the cellar space should pack away as much as you can, especially given the rigor of the vintage. Everyone else should just try a bottle.

With the explosive classicism of the 2021 German wine vintage, this wine is both textural and electric, simultaneously pointed, and expansive. The aromatics are so buoyant and fine; a flower garden after a spring rain.

As we’ve written before, Weissburgunder can age, especially from old vines in the Morstein. However, quantities are small enough that we suggest you do not wait.

To order, email or call the store at (212) 980-9463.

Joe Salamone
Wine Buyer
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