New York Times Top Kabinetts of 2008: Adam and Haag

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The New York Times Top Kabinetts of 2008
A.J. Adam Hofberg - Fritz Haag Brauneberger
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Would it be too immature to say, "We told you so!"

It's probably an understatement to say A.J. Adam has been an obsession for us at the store.

When Paul Grieco asked me to write a page on Riesling for the wine list at Terroir (you can write about ANY Riesling you want, he says), I chose A.J. Adam's 2008 Kabinett, writing the following:

"For me, the 2008 Adam Kabinett is about as close to this idea of perfection as it gets. It smells like spring water and rocks with an extra helping of rocks - a microscopic lightning storm of fruit, mineral and acidity." (Click here to read the entire A.J. Adam Riesling ditty, and keep in mind it was written in a irreverent Paul Grieco/Terroir-style.)

This is one serious wine, and today The New York Times gives young A.J. Adam a serious feather for his cap, putting him in the company of the legendary Fritz Haag estate, as the number 1 Kabinett from 2008. Haag will have to endure being number 2 this time around :)

As we've said so many times before, the 2008 vintage is simply electric and today we've marked down these two top wines (lowest price in the nation) so that when you buy one of each, they're basically $25 a bottle.

Both of these Kabinetts are top of the class (literally) and just riiiiidiculous values, especially, as Asimov notes, "When you factor in the difficulty of farming these vineyards, on precipitous hillsides rising from the Mosel River..."

Pictured right, A.J. Adam among his vines in the Dhroner Hofberg.

There isn't a more serious bottle of wine you can buy for $25, let alone $50 or more - these 2008 Kabinetts are among the most evocative and poetic Rieslings. These are The Sonnets of the German wine world, meaningful not in spite of their delicate size and carefully chosen details, but meaningful exactly because of these attributes.

They are also, as Asimov points out, extraordinarily evocative of spring.

We'll keep it short, ending with a good Asimov quote from the article and a reminder that these are the final 60 bottles of each wine - reply to this email ASAP to order and please note that all orders are subject to confirmation!

"[The Kabinett] is a wine of gorgeous delicacy, as fragile as the petals on those first tentative blossoms yet possessing a tensile strength that comes of perfect balance. It is a captured moment, evocative more than impressive, fleeting rather than penetrating, whispered nuance, not high volume...

...For those like me who love Kabinett rieslings, the 2008 vintage is exceptional."

Reply to this email or call the store at (212) 980-9463 to order.

Stephen Bitterolf
Wine Director
Crush Wine & Spirits

2008 Kabinetts: The New York Times Speaks

New York Times #1 and #2 Pack Special 2-Pack Price: $51.00 ($25.50/btl) 1 x 2008 A.J. Adam Dhroner Hofberg Kabinett 1 x 2008 Fritz Haag Brauneberger Kabinett

#1: 2008 A.J. Adam Dhroner Hofberg Kabinett

#2: 2008 Fritz Haag Brauneberger Kabinett