Nikolaihof Steiner Hund - Followup

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"Torrential Force of Nature" - Followup
2005 Nikolaihof Riesling Steiner Hund Reserve
Small Parcel Available - Special Pricing

Terry Theise says: "The tiny [Steiner Hund] site is doubtless one of the 5-10 greatest bits of land on which Riesling grows."

If you're reading this email now you might remember getting a similar offer last June on the 2004 Nikolaihof Riesling Steiner Hund Reserve. This is a wine that David Schildknecht called a "torrential force of nature."

It's also a wine that you bought.

Today we've secured a few cases of the 2005 Steiner Hund Reserve and offer it only to those of you who supported last year's bottling - the price is the lowest in the nation.

The credentials of this wine are about as good as it gets - the Steiner Hund site is a small piece of land that Theise believes is one of the best terroirs for Riesling. Based on the 2004 edition, we'd have to agree. The "catch," however, is that this plot of land lies just outside the official boundaries of the Wachau, and as such it cannot have a "Smaragd" designation - so it goes under the cover of "Reserve," meaning simply that it is a wine harvested later and in this specific case, aged for an extended period of time in older neutral barrels.

How long was it aged? Well, the 2005 is the current release.

In this way Nikolaihof's Steiner Hunds are like baby "Vinotheks," Nikolaihof's super-rare, super-late release. The current vintage of the "Vinothek" is 1993!

Describing the style at Nikolaihof is hard to do; the wines are rich and often show creamy notes that suggest minerals, flowers and earth simultaneously. There is always something mysterious, something fascinating at the core of a great Nikolaihof bottling.

If we're a bit short on clear, logical, easy-to-digest explanations for Nikolaihof, not to mention this wine, that should be taken as part and parcel of Nikolaihof, which has to be one of the quirkiest estates in the Wachau if not all of Austria. The Saahs family famously farms both organically and biodynamically, and assertively so. You can't spend too much time at the estate without being told about the physical, ethical, moral and spiritual advantages of farming, eating and living according to the precepts of biodynamics. If this pseudo-proselytizing is a bit much to take sometimes, the truth is in the bottle and its clear that their vineyard and winery practices are working.

We have only a few cases to offer - so please give us your maximum order and we will allocate as best we can. All orders subject to confirmation.

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2005 Nikolaihof
Riesling Steiner Hund Reserve

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