No Chaillots, No Reynard, JUST CORNAS: 2002 Allemand

Posted by Joe Salamone

No Chaillots, No Reynard...
2002 Allemand Cornas

By now, our obsession with the wines of Thierry Allemand is well documented - we've penned no fewer than eight offers on his wines in the past year alone.

There is a reason for this: We believe these are some of the purest expressions of Syrah on planet Earth and we want it all.

However, this was one of the most curious Allemand parcels we'd ever found: a small cache of the overlooked, misunderstood 2002.

While it's true that Cornas was spared the full extent of the havoc that the cool and rainy 2002 vintage brought to the Rhône, it is just as obviously not a trophy vintage. That said, 2008 has a comparably lack-luster reputation and Allemand's rendition is nothing less than STUNNING (click here for more).

It's funny that while people speak more and more about purity and transparency and finesse and lift in wines, we all seem surprised when more moderately-sized vintages produce wines we really, really like.

This was the context with which we approached the parcel and while this would have probably been enough (there's so little wine and it's priced so well), two other factors pushed us over the edge.

First, it so happened that a customer/friend mentioned that on a recent trip to the Northern Rhône, not only did he visit with Allemand but he tasted the 2002 and he thought it was gorgeous.

Second, in 2002 Allemand declassified his entire crop. He produced no Chaillots, no Reynard - everything from these two hallowed sites went into one bottling... this bottling.

So today we present, only for those of you who have supported our traditional Rhône program, a very small parcel of 2002 Allemand Cornas at $73.95. This wine is a ghost - there is only one other store in the world with any of this wine and it is $25 more expensive.

Anyone who has been watching this market for the last few years has noted a seismic shift in how the northern Rhône is generally perceived. Essentially ignored for the last few decades, the traditionalists of Cornas and Côte-Rotie have all of a sudden become very, very coveted.

Gentaz is the most obvious example - wines that could be had for under $100 just a few years ago now command four-digit prices. It is not hard to imagine who is next.

The days when one could find 10+ year-old Cornas from Allemand for under $100 are very close to over. But for today at least, we're still in the golden era.

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Joe Salamone
Wine Buyer
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