No Peers in Italy - 2012 Miani Friulano

Posted by Joe Salamone

"No Peers in Italy" -Antonio Galloni
2012 Miani Friulano

The wines of Miani are some of Italy's most sought-after, cult wines. Tasting them is an unforgettable experience.

Miani's whites are rich, powerful and extremely textured yet they are simultaneously balanced, detailed and mineral driven.

When Antonio Galloni calls Miani's Enzo Pontoni, "simply on another planet," it captures the shocking and extraordinary nature of Miani.

Miani makes dramatic, flamboyantly rich, ruthlessly driven, and powerful wines. But somehow they carry all their muscle and velvet with elegance. The wines' cult status is driven home by the fact our offers sell out almost immediately.

Production is always miniscule, but 2012 is especially short. The only way this offer could happen was to sneak it in on a Sunday.

Miani's Friulano takes Friuli’s indigenous grape and creates an elegantly woven tapestry of ripe stone fruits, flowers and rocky minerality. If you're looking for evidence of how Miani is "without peer," the way he handles Friulano drives this home. No expression of this grape hits the intensity or layered complexity of Miani.

The secret to Miani's success is simple: great terroir combined with intense drive in the vineyard and winery. Pontoni is known for selecting only the best fruit to be brought back to the winery and, once there, he's equally ruthless with his barrel by barrel selection for what will be bottled and what will be sold.

These are wines we see precious little of and they always disappear fast. Please give us your ideal order and we'll try our best.

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