"No stone should be left unturned in order to lay one’s hands on some 2019 Willi Schaefer wines"
2019 Willi Schaefer Graacher Domprobst Beerenauslese Half-Bottles & Full-Bottles

Posted by Joe Salamone

Christoph Schaefer compares the 2019s to their 2001s and stunning 2012s.

As the Mosel Fine Wines quote above makes clear, Schaefer's 2019s are special. 

This is a dazzling vintage for this estate that seems to never miss. The three wines from Schaefer's 2019 collection that I've been fortunate enough to taste were stunning.

I'm happy to offer their 2019 Beerenauslese, a wine that many consider a high point of the collection, for $239.95 on half-bottles and $439.95 on full-bottles. 

In any vintage, Schaefer's Beerenauslese is a profound study in epic layers of complexity married to electric acidity and beautifully lifted finesse. Everything points to the 2019 being an exceptional vintage for the wine. 

Even in the context of one of the Mosel's top collections, Schaefer's 2019 upper Prädikats are considered to be the most mindblowing wines this vintage. Schaefer's BAs are all but immortal, and the 2019 seems like it will be a legend. As Jean Fisch and David Rayer write in Mosel Fine Wines: "The finish is very intense, almost tight, and magnificently focused."

Schaefer's 2019s seem destined to join the best vintages that this great estate produced over the past few decades. The unfortunate part is that quantities are very limited. This is especially true when it comes to the Beerenauslese. Please give us your ideal order, and we'll try our best. 

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Joe Salamone
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