Northern Rhone Without Artifice in Magnum - 2011 Gonon Saint-Joseph Magnums

Posted by Ian McFadden

Soulful, Elegant Northern Rhône Syrah
2011 Gonon Saint-Joseph MAGNUMS
Lowest Price in the Nation

Gonon's Saint-Joseph's are some of our favorite Northern Rhône wines - they are authentic, devoid of artifice...and they are affordable.

When this parcel of very well priced mags came across my desk, I pounced on it.

Over the past six or so years, Gonon's Saint-Joseph has gone cult.

However, in the past month the wines have blown up. Much of this is thanks to Eric Asimov's thoughtful article on Saint-Joseph where the Gonon brothers were featured prominently and were called "among the purest and most distinctive" wines of the appellation.

The short story is that Gonon's Saint-Josephs are some of the most soulful, traditionally rendered Syrahs you'll encounter.

Gonon's Saint-Joseph is one of the smartest purchases that you can make for your cellar. The ageability and value are just that impressive.

Magnums of Gonon's Saint-Joseph are very rare - there's only one other listing in the country.

The traditional wines of the Northern Rhône have been rediscovered in the past couple years. This has brought swift price increases for the retired old guard, like Gentaz-Dervieux, whose bottles go for $1,200, and Verset, whose older bottles are getting close to $500 per bottle. Even those who are still producing, like Clape and Allemand, have had their prices jump by a good margin.

Thankfully, Gonon's Saint-Josephs are an extension of the traditional philosophies of the Rhône's old masters and their prices make buying in some depth fairly painless.

The connection with the old traditionalists is a tangible one. The Gonons received some vines from Saint-Joseph's old wiseman, Raymond Trollat.

Gonon's wines have a clarity and breed that is uncommon. It's that simple. This is Saint-Joseph that is delicate and intricate, that is slightly wild, a finely detailed presentation of blackberries, olives, violets, spice and forest floor notes wrapped around a smoke-infused minerality.

The 2011 vintage in the Northern Rhône accentuates Gonon's elegant and finely balanced style. 2011s are really lovely in their finesse, their poise and their bright clear fruit and floral characteristics.

The days of Trollot, of Gentaz, of Verset are fading, things are changing - but all is not lost. There is a new generation of great traditionalists, and when the book is written the Gonons will figure very prominently, no doubt.

You know the story here - one parcel only, very limited, and likely to sell out with some rapidity. To order, please email us at or call the store at (212) 980-9463.

Ian McFadden
Director, Fine & Rare Wine
Crush Wine & Spirits