NOT for Valentine's Day: 2000 Dom Perignon Rose

Posted by Robert Schagrin

NOT for Valentine's Day
2000 Dom Pérignon Rosé

"...the wine is simply marvelous. I loved it."
-Antonio Galloni, Wine Advocate

If Dom Pérignon is one of the most famous names in the world of wine, and it is, the estate's Rosé has a more elusive presence.

This is a bottle collected by serious Burghounds as well as Champagne collectors; it is a wine that hovers in a mysterious place between sparkling white wine and still red - indeed the 2000 Dom Pérignon Rosé plays this up a notch or two, with a nearly tactile presentation of Pinot-fruit wedded to the firm tension that has made these Champagnes world famous.

Today, we have a small parcel of the 2000 Rosé available for $295.95 - but not for Valentine's Day as this parcel won't arrive until March 1st.

Which should be fine, as the 2000 Dom Pérignon Rosé is a very serious, very cerebral wine - this is more than a romantic sipper.

Indeed the 2000 may very well mark a turning point for Dom Pérignon's Rosé - the wine's intensity level has been ratcheted up, significantly,with a mid-palate that is loaded with Pinot-fruit with a notably increased density.

Galloni also notes this development, writing, "Richard Geoffroy’s goal was to make a statement with the Dom Pérignon Rosé; he has done that and so much more. In fact, the 2000 seems to signal a stylistic shift towards a more important, serious style of rose."

Pinot Noir leads the charge here, as you'd expect, with the addition of nearly 20% red still wine from Bouzy and Aÿ. This is what gives the wine its plush and airy mid-palate - the incredible saturation. This is balanced by a good dose of mineral Chardonnay, providing the firm backbone and serious lift.

At twelve years post-vintage, the 2000 rosé is still very, very young. Currently it is energetic, almost aggressive, with a punchy nose of crisp red fruit and spice. As it begins to mature, over the next decade or two, it will become ever more nuanced.

This is a Champagne that deserves the larger glasses usually reserved for Grand Cru whites and even reds - this will show off the full depth and clarity of the Pinot fruit. And while Champagne is always fun on its own, keep in mind this is a wine that is muscular enough to stand up to almost all dishes.

Though we're missing Valentine's Day 2012, rest assured the 2000 Dom Pérignon Rosé will be spectacular for Valentine's Day 2022 and every one in between. Though as we said, this is more than just a romantic sipper.

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Robert Schagrin
Managing Partner
Crush Wine & Spirits

2000 Dom Pérignon Rosé

Wine Advocate: "The 2000 Dom Perignon Rose is a flashy, ripe Champagne that screams Pinot to a degree I have never encountered in another vintage of this wine. A dark, intense color leads to a Chambolle-like nose followed by endless red berries, flowers and spices, all backed up with plenty of muscle, richness and density. The 2000 Dom Perignon Rose is 45% Chardonnay and 55% Pinot Noir, of which 25% is still Pinot. This superb wine is not to be missed, but readers should note this is no easygoing rose, rather it is a Champagne that demands serious attention. The 2000 will test the limits of what readers expect from a Dom Perignon Rose, but the wine is simply marvelous. I loved it."