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Don't Miss Vintage: 2010 Chateau Pradeaux Bandol

Posted by Joe Salamone

We've been waiting a long time for Pradeaux's 2010 Bandol. For us, Pradeaux is the benchmark Bandol and one of the last places in France where an unyielding traditionalism remains.

And then there's the 2010 vintage, which is really amazing for the area.

Given the quality and track record at Pradeaux, it's crazy that this wine can be had at such an affordable price. It's actually only a dollar more than the price we offered for the 2004 vintage, five years ago.

There are very few wines like Pradeaux being made in France today. Pradeaux is old school - it's as simple as that. There's no effort made to tame the Mouverdre that makes up 95% of the wine. Instead, they follow old-fashioned methods like stem inclusion and long-aging in foudres. The result is a brutally structured wine in its youth that, over decades, blossoms into something beguilingly complex.

What happens to Pradeaux's Bandol with age is legendary. As the fairly light colored but fiercely tannic wine ages, a vast complexity unfolds: rowdy and captivating notes of licorice, tobacco, animal hide, olive, mushrooms, earth, and even floral top notes with a cool thread of rocky minerality.

As this vintage was for the Northern Rhône, 2010 for Pradeaux comes really close to offering a complete package. There's a finessed acidity, plenty of concentration and beautiful purity all harmoniously woven together. This is a special vintage for a wine that will age beautifully.

Pradeaux has been owned by the Portalis family since 1752. Its close proximity to the Mediterranean Sea is unique, and the cooler temperatures afford the late-ripening Mouverdre an especially long growing season, building complexity along the way.

This is one of those heartfelt wines that really gets under your skin. Amongst the Crush staff, Pradeaux's Bandol assumes a rare status: it's a wine that's loved for its price, its mysterious depth and its uncompromising style. 2010 is a really special vintage for this wine and not to be missed.

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Joe Salamone

Wine Buyer

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