Old-School Pommard: 93 M. Gaunoux Grands Epenots

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Glorious, Evocative Old-School Pommard
1993 M. Gaunoux Pommard 1er Grands Epenots
Burgundy STEAL from Top Vintage, Drinking Now...

This is worth the quick read before you take off for your Thanksgiving feast. (You'll thank us later!)

Today, a quick indulgence into a small parcel of beautifully savage, old-school Pommard with all the fruit, game and muscle-bound grace you'd expect from one of Pommard's best producers and top sites...

...at a price that puts gorgeous, mature, glorious Burgundy within everyone's reach. (The pricing today is about as sharp as it will ever be.)

Alas, this offer is *only* for those of you who have supported our traditional Burgundy program - we have only one small parcel available. As they say, first come, first served...

If 1993 was misunderstood in its youth, it's proven to be one of the top vintages of the 1990s (overshadowed only by 1999) and the wines are on-point right now, flexing every muscle they have in a wonderful display of breadth and depth.

Michel Gaunoux had the reputation for little (no?) pomp and circumstance. He was famous for never allowing anyone to taste out of barrel - frankly even tasting out of bottle was no easy task as they simply didn't open anything till they felt it was ready for the market.

Stingy? No, not really. More just a direct and no-nonsense way of interacting with the world. The wines share this directness, a certain clarity and blunt honesty, and as many have noted, they need time to speak eloquently. But when they come into form - there are few wines more evocative and compelling (and at this price, maybe none).

The 1993 Grand Epenots is what mature Burgundy should taste like - mysterious with dark earthy fruit surrounding a vast expanse of game and minerals, pushed ever forward by a delicate freshening acidity that gives this wine just incredible length. For those of you looking for a special bottle for the upcoming December festivities, we do have some available for delivery early next week - another parcel arrives early 2010. This wine will continue to drink well over the next few years, so if you have the cellar space, consider the 3-pack.

Please note: This is not deep, textured lavish Pinot Noir on steroids - it's an expression of Pommard that is expansive and expressive - as unique and beautiful as it is limited.

We'll leave it at that - we have but a small parcel available so please email us at offers@crushwineco.com immediately if you are interested. Please let us know if you would like the wine in December - we will allocate the stock we have to those who ask; all the rest will be available in early next year. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Ian McFadden
Director of Fine and Rare Wine
Crush Wine & Spirits

1993 M. Gaunoux Pommard 1er Grands Epenots

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