On Ancient Vines - A Northern Rhône Surprise:
2016 & 2017 Gilles Les Peyrouses

Posted by Joe Salamone

Guillaume Gilles worked at Chave and Robert Michel, two of the greats in the northern Rhône.

Thierry Allemand admires Gilles vineyard work calling it among the best of the appellation. A compliment from Allemand is no small thing.

We mention all of this to situate Gilles as one of the most important and exciting growers of the northern Rhône's younger generation. We are currently obsessed with his wines.

Gilles' flagship is his incredible Cornas, sourced from the upper slopes of the Chaillot. However, some of the most impressive and utterly fascinating bottles of the lineup are Gilles' bottlings from the margins of the Cornas appellation. There's the Nouvelle R, a vineyard that sits above the amphitheater of Cornas and had never been planted before because historically, people worried about the grape achieving proper ripeness. And, there's today's offering, Les Peyrouses, a bottling where half of the vines date back to the 1870s-1900s.

Les Peyrouses is sourced from a 0.37ha parcel situated at the base of the hills of Cornas on sandy soils with clay and large stones. The combination of old vines and richer, lower slope soils produce a seriously powerful and wild expression of Syrah. It's expansive and dark-fruited, flaunting the savory herbal, spice and game side of the grape. The 2016 possesses real density and clarity with a mineral-inflected dark-fruited character, and the 2017 highlights the brighter, more floral and spiced side of the bottling.

Before wrapping up, I should underscore that Gilles' 0.37ha doesn't yield very many bottles. The parcel on offer is modest. Please give us your ideal order, and we'll try our best.

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Joe Salamone

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2016 & 2017 Gilles Les Peyrouses

2017 Les Peyrouses Côtes du Rhône

Special Bottle Price: $52.95

2016 Les Peyrouses Vin de France

Special Bottle Price: $52.95

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