One More Chance:
2001 Trimbach Riesling Cuvée Frédéric Emile 375th Anniversary

Posted by Ian McFadden

“This might ultimately approach the quality of the 2001 Clos Ste. Hune…” David Schildknecht, Wine Advocate

Almost exactly eight years ago, we offered Trimbach's special 375th Anniversary bottling of Frédéric Emile. Frankly, I never imagined being able to offer it again. Thankfully, that changed recently. These bottles seem to represent the only bottles on offer anywhere in the country. As David Schildknecht's note above makes clear, the 2001 Frédéric Emile 375th Anniversary is totally stunning.

When it comes to Riesling, the Trimbachs are royalty. Trimbach differentiates itself from nearly every other Alsatian producer by the clarity and detail of their wines. There is always a premium placed on rigor.

The 2001 Freddy Emile is electric, zipping across the palate with dried citrus zest, candied lemon, and stony minerality. The delineation and length are jaw-dropping.

Trimbach's 2001s are stunning across the board, but there's no doubt that Frédéric Emile 375th Anniversary is something extraordinary. The combination of finesse, textural depth and aristocratic grace makes it on par with the greatest expressions of Riesling anywhere.

Trimbach’s Rieslings are known for their stature and longevity, and the 375th Anniversary is destined to age amazingly well. We've had bottles of Frédéric Emile from the eighties that have amazed. I'm incredibly optimistic about where this special bottling will go.

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Ian McFadden

Director, Fine & Rare Wine
Crush Wine & Spirits