One of Beaujolais' Unsung Greats
2022 Château Thivin Côte de Brouilly Cuvée Zaccharie

Posted by Joe Salamone

Château Thivin's Cuvée Zaccharie is one of Beaujolais' unsung greats.

Along with Bouland's Delys and Roilette's Tardive, Zaccharie is among the most structured expressions of Beaujolais. Zaccharie is a Beaujolais of truly uncommon earthy depth and layered complexity.

photo of bottle of Thivin Cotes Brouilly Zaccharie

The wines of Côte de Brouilly have sadly gotten somewhat lost amidst the greater star power in the more northern crus, like Morgon and Fleurie. In terms of the diversity and interest that Beaujolais has to offer, this is an unfortunate circumstance. Côte de Brouilly sits on Mt. Brouilly, an extinct volcano. The soil is defined by diorite, which is a hard volcanic rock, with a small influence of clay. The resulting wines have a profound architecture and power along with a soaring cast of aromatics.

Cuvée Zaccharie is an old vine bottling from Thivin's two top vineyards, La Chapelle and Godefroy, selected after élevage. Zaccharie is a tour de force that, regardless of vintage, is a mind-bending Beaujolais.

In 2020, Zaccharie offers up a jaw-dropping amount of complexity. The profile ranges from dark and bright fruits to violets, smoke, dark minerality, perfume, and exotic spices. All of this is rendered with a penetrating intensity and gorgeous clarity. There are ample tannins, but they are silken and nicely integrated, and everything is animated by a buoyant acid backbone.

We strongly encourage you to take advantage of the 4-pack pricing. There are few better, or more eye-opening, deals for the money. Zaccharie is one of the singular and most compelling Beaujolais out there.

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