One of Champagne’s Elite Cult Wines - 2004 Vilmart Coeur de Cuvee

Posted by Joe Salamone

"One of Champagne’s Elite
Cult Wines" -Peter Liem
2004 Vilmart Coeur de Cuvée
The Heart of the Matter

"A weightless, totally pure wine, the 2004 Coeur de Cuvee impresses for its fabulous length, and vibrant, chiseled finish. This is a great showing from Vilmart " -Antonio Galloni

Vilmart's Coeur de Cuvée is a special wine. There's no way around it - it's easily one of the best grower Champagnes out there.

"Vilmart has quickly established cult status, only topped among growers by J. Selosse," writes Richard Juhlin.

As far as cult wines go, Vilmart keeps a fairly low profile. However, those who know it are fanatics. They range from Champagne experts, to wine geeks, to blue chip collectors.

Coeur de Cuvée is one of the wines that we always support, regardless of vintage, and it invariably sells out quickly. And typically, once it's gone, it gone for a good while - usually until the next vintage. Typical production is meager, somewhere around 5,000 bottles.

In 2004 Vilmart produced one of the wines of the vintage with their Coeur de Cuvée.

"Coeur de Cuvée" means the heart of the cuvée. This is the very best from the precious middle portion of the first pressing.

In his, Liem writes, "in Champagne, a 4,000 kilogram pressing yields 2,050 liters of juice in the cuvée, and Champs selects only the finest 800 liters from the middle of this pressing to make the Coeur de Cuvée."

As if this were not enough to produce outstanding wine, Coeur de Cuvée is sourced from a choice single vineyard, Blanches Voies, from 50-year-old vines.

2004 in Champagne produced gorgeous finessed, bright and energetic wines. The grapes, particularly the Chardonnay (which makes up 80% of Coeur de Cuvée) came through with outstanding acidity working in line with excellent ripeness and striking concentration.

2004 Coeur de Cuvée is stunning for its clarity, its delineation and its elegance. For Vilmart fans, or just Champagne fans, this really deserves some cellar space. A bottle of 79 Vilmart was one of the most eye-opening bottles of grower Champagne that I've ever had.

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Ian McFadden
Director, Fine & Rare Wine
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2004 Vilmart Coeur de Cuvée