One of Italy's Best: 2010 Benanti Etna Bianco Superiore Pietra Marina

Posted by Joe Salamone

One of Italy's Best
2010 Etna Bianco Superiore Pietra Marina

When you talk to people who are deep into Italian wine, there are two white wines that come up without fail - Valentini's Trebbiano and Benanti's Pietra Marina.

At its best, Benanti's Etna Bianco Pietra Marina is an absolutely riveting bottle. I've been a fan of Pietra Marina for almost a decade. The 2010 is one of the most impressive young vintages that I've seen. A recent tasting of Pietra Marina's going back to 2006 reinforced just how special this 2010 is.

Pietra Marina is based entirely on Carricante grown on Etna's volcanic slopes. Putting your finger on a wine as complex and fascinating as Pietra Marina is no easy undertaking. If you do some digging, you'll find comparisons to things like Chablis and Riesling.

These comparisons definitely give you a sense of how intense, sleek and refined the Pietra Marina's minerality is. There's a beautiful driving spine of acidity and minerality that leads to an ultra-long finish.

Pietra Marina always boasts an incredible focus, finesse and subtlety, but the 2010 is especially noteworthy for its clarity and pinpoint focus.

Since the 2010 has landed at Crush, it's become a staff favorite. Even the biggest Francophiles among the staff have come up to me saying how great it is.

For me, this is a don't miss bottle. Pietra Marina has an impressive track record for aging well. It's a safe bet that the 2010 will be one of longer lived of the bunch. Expect it to improve over the next 7-10 years.

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Joe Salamone
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