One of Italy’s most iconic producers - 2010 Valentini Trebbiano d'Abruzzo

Posted by Joe Salamone

"One of Italy’s most iconic producers."
-Antonio Galloni
2010 Valentini Trebbiano d'Abruzzo

Valentini's Trebbiano is a wine that makes its own category.

It's not Trebbiano, it's Valentini's Trebbiano.

If Trebbiano has any reputation at all, it is for watery, simple, limp wines - the Oxford Companion to Wine calls the grape "undistinguished."

In Valentini's hands, Trebbiano becomes ridiculously complex, ageworthy and just unforgettable. Valentini's Trebbiano is a deeply mysterious and textural wine (think of something between Burgundy and Northern Rhone). In terms of breeding and sheer impressiveness, Valentini's Trebbiano can hang with top 1er Cru White Burgundy.

Edoardo Valentini was a shy man, a quiet Italian eccentric along the lines of Josko Gravner or Prince Ludovisi of Fiorano. Yet the wines he crafted are lavish, extroverted, brimming with a flavor and texture that is absolutely unique. Upon his death in 2006, his son Francesco took over, continuing a legacy of secrecy, intrigue and greatness.

His Trebbiano delivers a fascinating, salty Adriatic minerality, honeyed and floral notes along with a subtle earthiness that speaks of the dry, sun-scorched land. Overall, they're dense and saturating wines. In 2010, the Trebbiano has a particularly steely, mineral spine.

Valentini is an estate shrouded in mystery, with a tradition of shunning media attention and marketing. What is known about Valentini's methods all points to traditional winemaking and a maniacal commitment to quality. The vines are trained in the traditional pergola method and yields are aggressively restricted. The wine is fermented and aged in large Slavonian oak barrels, the youngest of which is 70-years-old; no barriques or stainless steel tanks are used. When the grapes aren't of a quality deemed appropriate, they are sold to the coop.

For these reasons, the wines of Eduordo Valentini are cult treasures of Abruzzo. Only Valentini's friend and neighbor Emidio Pepe has achieved a comparable level of fame and respect.

Valentini's Trebbiano d'Abruzzo is one of the most compelling and singular wines in the world. As you can imagine, with a wine this heartfelt and soulful, Valentini's Trebbiano is a rare find.

These are the only bottles of 2010 currently available. For fans of Valentini, the 2010 is a vintage you shouldn't miss. It has all the markings of being very long-lived and is simply a beautiful example of this unique wine.

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