One of Italy’s most iconic producers - 2011 Valentini Cerasuolo

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2011 Valentini Cerasuolo
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"Valentini is one of Italy’s most iconic producers."
-Antonio Galloni

At first glance, a rosé offering in the dead of winter may seem bizarre.

However, Valentini's Cerasuolo is no ordinary rosé.

Simply put, Valentini's Cerasuolo creates its own category. There are maybe two or three rosés in the world that can even share the stage with Valentini - Lopez de Heredia, Chateau Simone, Cotat.

Even still, there's a depth, a soulfulness to Valentini's Cerasuolo that makes it one of the most memorable vinous experiences out there.

I can't think of another rosé that offers the fascinating textures, complexity and the unique spectrum of fruit, flowers and minerals that Valentini's Cerasuolo does. It marries the power of a great red to the sleek mineral acidity and freshness of a great white.

The late Edoardo Valentini made his name by elevating the otherwise banal, pedestrian varieties of Trebbiano and Montepulciano to unforeseen heights. Valentini took these grapes and turned them into powerfully compelling wines that gained a place among the world's best.

From 100% Montepulciano, the 2011 Cerasuolo is deeply hued in the glass, showing swirls of ripe berries, fresh-cut herbs, wet rocks and rain-splattered roses. In Valentini's hands, Montepulciano becomes decidedly noble, soaring and vivid. It's wild and fresh, cerebral and hedonistic, yet with beautiful clarity, balance, structure... and, most uniquely for Abruzzo and Montepulciano, precision.

This is the rare rosé which is built to age, and with time, say another 5-7+ years, layer upon layer of fruit, earth and spice unfolds into something really, really special. The 2011 vintage in Abruzzo produced wines with good richness and purity along with firm acid back bones. All of this is really encouraging for the wines' life in the cellar.

Edoardo Valentini was a shy man, a quiet, Italian eccentric along the lines of Josko Gravner or Prince Ludovisi of Fiorano. Yet the wines he crafted are lavish, extroverted, brimming with a flavor and texture that is absolutely unique. For these reasons, the wines of Eduordo Valentini are cult treasures of Abruzzo.

Since Edoardo Valentini’s passing in 2006, his son Francesco has continued to turn out individual, world-class, traditionally crafted wines.

As is usually the case with wines brimming with this much soul, this much uniqueness, quantities are limited. These are the only bottles of 2011 Valentini Cerasuolo currently available in the country.

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2011 Valentini Cerasuolo

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