One of the finest domaines in all of Burgundy - 2010 M. Gaunoux Pommards 1er Cru Rugiens & Grands Epenots & Corton Renards

Posted by Ian McFadden

"One of the finest domaines in all of Burgundy"-Burghound
2010 Michel Gaunoux:
Corton-Renards Grand Cru
Pommard 1er Cru Les Grands Epenots
Pommard 1er Cru Les Rugiens

Michel Gaunoux's wines do not pull any punches - they are steadfastly old school, and unapologetically built for the long-haul.

They can feel out of place in today's impatient, fast-paced world and yet, as the Burghound quote makes clear, the quality is undeniable.

Gaunoux's wines are a glimpse of a winemaking style that's all but vanished in the region.

Once you've tasted older vintages, you understand the value of Michel Gaunoux's holding on to this old-fashioned style. We've had plenty of great bottles from the 60s over the past few years. Just a year ago, Burghound was blown away by a 1937 Pommard Rugiens.

The value here is outstanding. There are painfully few red Burgundies in the $100 range with a track record for aging three or four decades. The list is short: besides Gaunoux, there's Chevillon and some vintages of d'Angerville's Champans that clock-in at this price range.

Today, we're happy to offer Gaunoux's three best wines from the great 2010 vintage - Pommard 1er Crus Rugiens, Grands Epenots & the Grand Cru Corton Renards.

Gaunoux makes no effort to make wines that flaunt any early approachability or youthful flashiness. Instead, Gaunoux's wines are about a tightly knit subtlety, a soulful earthy minerality that blossoms with time.

It's hard to imagine a better producer and vintage marriage than 2010 and Gaunoux. The vintage's pristine expression and beautiful harmony plays right into its hands and the wines will undoubtedly blossom over the next few decades.

The 2010 vintage was such a bright, pure and transparent vintage - each site speaks in an almost archetypal form.

Gaunoux's Pommard 1er Cru Rugiens typifies the finesse and power that the site is famous for. The Grands Epenots shows the grandeur of scale and complexity that the site delivers at its best. Pommard does not have any Grand Crus, but Rugiens and Grands Epenots are top sites and can deliver a level of complexity and ageability that can rival many a Grand Cru.

Gaunoux's 2010 Corton-Renards Grand Cru is a study in the rocky minerality and fortress-like structure that makes Corton one of the greatest values and longest lived Burgundies. Gaunoux's 2010 will be amazing after a long sleep in the cellar.

These are fascinating, old-school wines that are some of the greatest values in red Burgundy. For lovers of soulful, built for the long-term wines, this is not to be missed.

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Ian McFadden
Director, Fine & Rare Wine
Crush Wine & Spirits

2010 Michel Gaunoux

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