One of the finest dry Rieslings of the vintage - 2011 Rebholz Kastanienbusch GG

Posted by Joe Salamone

"One of the finest dry Rieslings
of the vintage"
2011 Rebholz Kastanienbusch GG
Special Pre-arrival Pricing

Rebholz may keep a low profile, but he makes some of the finest dry Rieslings out there.

And his Kastanienbusch marks the high point of an incredibly strong collection of dry Rieslings.

Rebholz's dry Rieslings are ruthlessly defined, crystal clear and razor sharp. Every time I taste Rebholz's Kastanienbusch, the clarity shocks me.

For me, Rebholz's Kastanienbusch shares the stage with the great dry Rieslings of the world - Clos St. Hune, Keller's Abtserde, Schäfer-Fröhlich's Felseneck, etc.

Today, we're happy to offer Rebholz's 2011 Kastanienbusch GG at the special pre-arrival price of $86.95 per bottle.

2011 in Germany is a vintage where a few producers really separated themselves from everyone else. Rebholz is one of them (along with Willi Schaefer, Weiser-Künstler and Schäfer-Fröhlich's Felseneck).

In general, the vintage possesses a tender fruitiness, but in Rebholz's hands this fruitiness is steeped in minerals and spice delivered with precision and definition.

There are certainly more aggressively, more unapologetically mineral examples in Kastanienbusch, but there's something about the friendlier, more accessible 2011 version that's captivating. Stephen Tanzer's Joel Payne is right to focus on the "outstanding length... and aristocratic demeanor." He goes on to call it "one of the finest dry wines of the vintage."

This 2011 shows all the thrust, the finely etched vivid flavors, the ridiculously complex layers of minerals, citrus and stone fruits that keep us returning to Kastanienbusch vintage after vintage.

If Rebholz remains unknown in the U.S. (aside from a small group of devotees), he is widely regarded as one of the greatest winemakers in Germany.

Kastanienbusch is his magnum opus.

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Joel Payne for Stephen Tanzer: "Captivating aromas of apricot pit, nut oil and woodsmoke. Ripe, crisp white peach and salty, mineral-driven acidity animate the palate. The savory finish brings pine nut and delicate finesse into play. With its outstanding length, delightful freshness and aristocratic demeanor, this joins the Pechstein from Burklin-Wolf as one of the finest dry Rieslings of the vintage."

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