One of the finest grower-producers - 2009 Cuvée du Goulté Blanc de Noirs

Posted by Joe Salamone

Limited: Lovingly Made, Terroir Expressive
2009 Ledru Cuvée du Goulté Blanc de Noirs

"One of the finest grower-producers to be found anywhere in the Champagne region." - Peter Liem

Today, I'm very happy to be able to offer a small parcel of Ledru's 2009 Cuvée du Goulté Blanc de Noirs for $84.95 per bottle.

Cuvée du Goulté is Ledru's top wine; it's made up of all Pinot Noir sourced from her best parcels in Ambonnay and based on the first juice to come out of the press, which is considered to be the best.

Her Champagnes are famous for their steely, chalky backbones and this sternness played right into the hands of the 2009 vintage. Generally speaking, 2009 produced riper, rounder Champagnes. The best examples, like Ledru, offer a serious spine for the fruit to meld into over time. For these wines, the aging potential is really promising. Ledru's 2009 Goulté shows plenty of the energetic mineralty and beautiful finesse that are Ledru's calling cards.

Many feel that Pinot Noir is the star grape of the 2009 vintage. And Ledru works some of the greatest land for the grape in all of Champagne. Beyond this, Ambonnay is held to be one of the greatest villages in all of Champagne regardless of the grape.

Ledru produces some of the most lovingly made and terroir-expressive Champagnes around. She handles every aspect of production on her own (from the vineyards, to the paperwork, to the cellar where every bottle is hand-disgorged.)

Ledru's Champagnes are easily some of my absolute favorites. We were some of the first people in the U.S. to get behind her wines. The early days were good times; you could score decently sized parcels. These days Ledru has caught on in a big way and finding Ledru's wines in quantity has gotten tough and will only get more difficult as she's lost some vineyards that she'd been renting.

Her Champagnes are more than deserving of their popularity and renown. Still, it's difficult not to have more of a wine that we love so much. This is a modest parcel. Please give us your ideal order and we'll try our best.

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Joe Salamone
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