One of the finest grower-producers in the Champagne region - 08 Ledru Goulte & Rose de Saignee

Posted by Joe Salamone

Extremely Limited:
Thriving on Purity and Grace
2008 Ledru Cuvée du Goulté
& 2008 Rosé de Saignée

"One of the finest grower-producers to be found anywhere in the Champagne region." - Peter Liem

There's not very much of the two wines on offer. Really, it's sort of crazy that we're offering these out.

However, Ledru's 08 Goulté and 08 Rosé are just so impressive that we had to share with her fans and fans of grower Champagne.

Needless to say, these are extremely limited. To put this in context, allocations of Ledru's 08 Saignée were given to top accounts in 6 bottle quantities. The Goulté was more plentiful, but that means 12 bottles. I was really happy to snag this small parcel.

Marie-Noëlle Ledru is making some of the purest and most finely detailed wines in Ambonnay. This is really saying something, as Ambonnay is holy terroir for Champagne, right up there with its best - Cramant, Mesnil and Verzenay.

Ledru only has 5ha and if it wasn't for their super limited quantities, Ledru's wines would undoubtedly be better known. They are simply superb expressions of Champagne. Peter Liem writes, "Marie-Noëlle Ledru’s tiny, perfectionist grower-estate is known only to a handful of Champagne connoisseurs, yet today she is making some of the best wines in Ambonnay."

Ledru produces some of the most lovingly made and terroir-expressive Champagnes around. Ledru handles every aspect of production on her own, from the vineyards, to the cellar - every bottle is hand-disgorged - to the paperwork.

Along with 2002, 2008 is the best vintage of the decade. Where 2002 is defined by a high level of ripeness and muscle, 2008 is about purity, harmony and an energetic structure.

Both Ledru's 08 Goulté and 08 Rosé de Saignée highlight the clarity, beautiful minerality and completeness of the 08 vintage in Champagne.

Cuvée du Goulté is Ledru's top wine made up of all Pinot Noir and sourced from her best parcels in Ambonnay and based on the first juice to come out of the press, which is considered to be the best.The 08 Goulté is beautiful in its agility, its finesse and its purity of expression. It's regal, possessing a tightly coiled energy with polished chalk and hints of smoke.

Ledru's Rosé de Saignée is one of my favorite Saignée rosés. Many Saignée get tripped up by their weight. Ledru's, in stark contrast, thrives on a lightness and subtlety that's just lovely. This is particularly the case in 2008. It has a streak of chalky minerality that pulsates through it. It leads with earth-inflected dark cherry fruits that are complicated by notes of crushed leaves and a dark minerality.

These are two gorgeous wines from Marie-Noëlle Ledru. They shouldn't be missed. It's a great vintage for these consistently impressive wines.

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Joe Salamone
Wine Buyer
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