One of the most beautiful and distinctive wines in Champagne - Vouette Blanc d'Argile Extra Brut Mags

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Vouette et Sorbée Blanc d'Argile MAGS
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"Vouette et Sorbee’s Blanc d’Argile remains one of the most beautiful and distinctive wines in Champagne." -Antonio Galloni

Bertrand Gautherot's Vouette et Sorbée are some of the most unique and compelling bubbles in existence.

They are a shocking expression of everyone's go-to celebratory beverage. They are deep and saturating yet finely etched and emphatically mineral. Think of Champagne by way of Burgundy. In short, they are thought-provoking, original. They are wines that cast Champagne in a radical new light. They aren't for everyone, but the impression they leave is undeniable.

View of the village from Vouette

On Vouette et Sorbée, Peter Liem nails it when he writes: "These are wines before they are champagnes."

Vouette et Sorbée's Blanc d'Argile dramatizes the vinous nature of the wines in a huge way.

Blanc d'Argile comes from a single, low-yielding and slow to ripen, west facing vineyard which sits on Kimmeridgian soil (the same soil as Chablis). Similar to Chablis, Blanc d'Argile is dominated by an almost overwhelmingly pure and precise minerality.

The results are gorgeous, or as Galloni says "one of the most beautiful and distinctive wines in Champagne." Think of a dense enveloping minerality married to ripe fruits and backed by a rapier cut. Blanc d'Argile is a thrilling wine.

At the urging of his friend, none other than Anselme Selosse, Gautherot stopped selling off his grapes and started bottling his own wines.

Almost overnight, Vouette et Sorbée became a cult sensation - the wines are rare in general and mags of Blanc d'Argile are incredibly so. There are just two other listings for mags of Blanc d'Argile in the country.

Gautherot's heart is in the vineyards and that's where he focuses an insane amount of energy, restricting yields and following biodynamic practices. Anyone who has visited him has mentioned how beautifully the vineyards are maintained. It shows in the wines. They possess a soil-inflected clarity and a combination of concentration and energy that only the most carefully tended vineyards possess.

Vouette et Sorbée are some of the most soulful and individual Champagnes you'll taste. I wish there were better quantities, but I'll take what I can get.

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