Overachieving Baby Barolo Value: 2008 Roagna Langhe Rosso

Posted by Joe Salamone

Overachieving Baby Barolo Value
2008 Roagna Langhe Rosso
"Luca Roagna is one of Piedmont's
most promising young producers."

Roagna's Langhe Rosso is one of the wine world's little secrets.

Don't let the Langhe Rosso designation fool you. It comes from some of Barolo's and Barbaresco's top vineyards.

Last year, we did a "back-up-the-truck" email on Roagna's 2006 Langhe Rosso. It became one of our most popular offers. Without a doubt, it represents some of the best value that we know for traditional Nebbiolo.

The 2008 is a very strong follow-up to the 2006. If we had more wine available to us, it would definitely be a back-up-the-truck.

We love 2008 in Piedmont. 2008 is a vintage of, above all else, classical proportions and purity. The comparison to 2008 Burgundy is helpful here because Barolos from this vintage share a similar precision and terroir expression. Very few vintages deliver such completeness, such harmony.

When it comes to Langhe Rosso, Roagna's may be without peer. He treats it deadly serious. It's handled very much the way that a traditionally-crafted Barbaresco or Barolo would be. It sees a long maceration (a month or more) followed by 3-4 years in oak casks and then a year in bottle.

The fruit material allows Roagna to apply this level of seriousness. It originates from Cascina Pira in Castiglione Falletto in Barolo and Pajé in Barbaresco, two top sites. Any vines in these sites under 20 years old go into the Langhe Rosso.

We've been working with Roagna's wines since we opened in 2005 and the quality here has grown by leaps and bounds. We concur with Antonio Galloni when he says, "Quality has never been higher here, and as I have written before, Luca Roagna is one of Piedmont's most promising young producers."

This is one of the smartest buys we know. Being from a vintage like 2008, it will have no problem aging for seven years or more. We're seeing considerable less wine than we did in 2006. This is a wine that deserves tons of praise, but I've honestly tried to tone it down because of the quantities.

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Joe Salamone
Wine Buyer
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