Perhaps one of the greatest dry Rieslings he has produced - 2013 Keller Abtserde Grosses Gewachs

Posted by Joe Salamone

2013 Keller Abtserde Grosses Gewächs

"Perhaps one of the greatest dry Rieslings he has produced so far." -Stephan Reinhardt, The Wine Advocate

Keller produced amazing 2013s. And, as is usually the case, Abtserde is at the top of the range.

When you taste through Keller's lineup, it becomes clear that Abtserde has everything. It has the power of Hubacker and the minerality of Morstein and Kirchspiel. From here, Abtserde brings even more finesse and ungodly length.

There's no producer in Germany whose dry wines have garnered a cult following the way Keller's have. Finding Keller in quantity is always an adventure and a discouraging one at that. Being able to offer Abtserde is simply really hard.

And in 2013, that's particularly true. While the Rheinhessen suffered much less severe rains and other issues than areas to the north, Keller's yields were still way, way down.

The small amount of wine that Keller was able to produce in 2013 is stunning. We have a soft spot for the cooler vintages at Keller. They have firm acid spines and a vividness that captivates us.

The 2013 Abtserde has an incredible harmony, a thundering complexity and a piercing length. The minerality seems to pile up - there's layer upon layer of crushed rocks, talc, saline notes and smoke. To this, add tons of stone fruits, gentle spices and subtle earthy notes. Finally, it's impossible not to mention the exacting precision of the wine.

Any time we send an Abtserde offer, I always feel a tinge of trepidation that we'll have to allocate ruthlessly and disappoint people. We've limited the offer to a very concise group of Riesling fanatics. Still, Abtserde always disappears quickly. Please give us your ideal order and we'll try our best.

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