Piedmont Elite, Part Two:
2018 Brovia Barolo Rocche

Posted by Joe Salamone

If we were to tally up our favorite bottles of Brovia, ones from Rocche would dominate the list.

Rocche is a key site for Brovia. Not only does Brovia have a very choice parcel in the vineyard, but it’s also their oldest holding and home to their oldest vines.

photo of bottle ofBrovia Barolo Rocche

In Rocche, you find a gorgeous balance between the more muscular Barolos of Monforte and Serralunga and the more perfumed and feminine examples from La Morra. Rocche leads with beautifully complex floral, red fruit, and spice notes, backed by a firm edge of raw tannin. Above all, Rocche is about aromatics and class.

Brovia's 2018 Rocche is a beautiful example of the aromatic complexity and finesse the site is capable of. The 2018 vintage presented growers with plenty of challenges. Brovia skillfully teased out plenty of earth-inflected elegance from the vintage. The Rocche is a prime example of Brovia's deft handling of the vintage. 

The 2018 Rocche has an explosive set of aromatics. You get an emphatic streak of minerality and precise notes of herbs, spices, and floral notes. It's not a powerhouse wine, but it boasts a wonderful harmony and clarity of expression. 

Brovia is producing wines every bit on the level of producers like Mascarello, Rinaldi, and Conterno. The 2018 Rocche is another monument to Brovia's skill. 

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Joe Salamone
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2018 Brovia Barolo Rocche di Castiglione

750 ml