Pigs with Wings - Compelling, Affordable Bordeaux: 2010 Saint Glinglin 'Carte Verte' Cotes de Francs & Saint-Émilion Grand Cru

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Pigs with Wings -
Compelling, Affordable Bordeaux
2010 Saint Glinglin:
'Carte Verte' Cotes de Francs
& Saint-Émilion Grand Cru

Awesome, affordable Bordeaux? Yes, it's possible...

It's easy to be skeptical; Bordeaux is one of the greatest wine regions in the world. This hasn't escaped notice - prices have soared. This has made finding a compelling and affordable everyday Bordeaux almost impossible.

However, tasting Saint Glinglin's two Bordeaux's puts such skepticism to bed.

To be honest, the value shocked us. These are some of the most compelling, honest and drinkable Bordeaux we've seen for the price.

Saint Glinglin is a joint project from the famed sommelier Richard Betts and François Thienpont, who along with his family owns or manages some of the most sought after Pomerols and Saint Emilions: Le Pin, Vieux Chateau Certan, Pavie Macquin to name a just few. À la Saint Glinglin is the idiomatic equivalent of "when pigs fly" - a wink to the common perception that producing affordable Bordeaux is impossible.

The idea is simple: Bordeaux that's gorgeously complex, sophisticated and food friendly should be priced so it can be enjoyed often. It's one of the historic, great wines of the world but crazy pricing and the hoarding of top wines by wine traders (who aren't drinking the wine) shouldn't remove Bordeaux from people's drinking queues.

The dizzying high 3- and 4-digit pricing for many top Bordeaux have alienated a generation of drinkers. Betts and Thienpont seek to mend this by crafting the elegant and accessible Bordeaux that captivated drinkers generations ago. As quoted in the New York Times, Betts explains, "I’m just old enough to remember when Bordeaux wasn’t outrageously expensive and was, instead, drunk and enjoyed regularly."

Carte Verte is sourced from Thienpont's Château Puygueraud. It's predominately Merlot made in cement tanks yielding a fresh, herbal tinged wine that excels at the table, pairing well with everything from red meats to roast chicken.

For the Saint-Émilion, the grapes are sourced from Thienpont's historic Larcis-Ducasse. The Saint Glinglin 2010 Saint-Émilion is a beautifully graceful Bordeaux that leaps from the glass full of black cherry and plum notes, wrapped in a hi-toned floral bouquet with a mineral core.

Congratulations to Betts and Thienpont for crafting such compelling and drinkable Bordeaux at these prices. It's very encouraging to see such work with one of the world's great wines.

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Jeremy Noye
Vice President
Crush Wine & Spirits

2010 Saint Glinglin