Pinot Noir Curveball - Stunning Value: 2010 Steinmetz Sonnenlay Spatburgunder

Posted by Joe Salamone

A Curveball from the Mosel
- Don't Miss Pinot Value
2010 Steinmetz
Mühlheimer Sonnenlay Pinot Noir

To cut to the chase, Steinmetz's 2010 Sonnenlay Pinot Noir is one of the best values that we've seen not only in Pinot Noir, but in wine in general.

For lovers of Pinot, for people seeking food friendly affordable wines, Steinmetz's is a don't miss.

It would be extremely difficult to find a New World Pinot or a Burgundy at this price point that could compete with what Stefan has turned out.

Stefan Steinmetz is one of our favorite winemakers. He's young and incredibly thoughtful. Above all else, he has his ear to the soil and his wines possess an honesty that we love. We've sent plenty of offers on Steinmetz's Rieslings. Today, we give his Pinots some much deserved spot light.

Cellardoor at Weingut Steinmetz

With all this said, Stefan's 2010 Sonnenlay Spätburgunder (Pinot Noir) caught us off guard. Mosel Pinot is a rarity and its success testifies to Stefan's skill and an openness and a certain fearlessness he demonstrates when it comes to experimenting.

The easiest way to position German Pinot Noir is to say that it occupies a middle ground between Burgundy and New World Pinots. This is helpful, but in the context of the Sonnenlay Pinot, the characterization feels incomplete. In short, this wine is emphatically Steinmetz.

What separates Steinmetz's Pinot from the pack is just how characterful it is. It's packed with an earthiness and a jagged, smoke-infused minerality that demands your attention. Like Stefan, there's a directness, a frankness that's really compelling. It's a wine that's not afraid to show a touch of rusticity and far from detracting from it, it adds a lovely extra-dimension.

The 2010 vintage endows the wine with a vibrancy, an energy that makes the wine very gulpable and great to have at the table. The spiced dark fruits are complicated by notes of orange peel, herbs and a gentle current of saline minerality.

The level of distinctiveness and complexity here is really impressive for the modest tariff.

Again and again, we hear from customers that they're looking for wines in the $20-30 range that pair with a wide range of food just to have around. Steinmetz's Sonnenlay Pinot is a star of this category. And this is why we're so excited to offer it.

As I mentioned at the start, Stefan Steinmetz is a very serious guy - a very serious winemaker who has his ear to the soil--his hands in the soil--more than most. This can clearly be seen in the wines. It's nice to see him constantly experimenting and working in such an authentic style.

Steinmetz's Pinot is just one of those wines that's great to have on hand. Its versatility, its fascinating character make it a wine to return to again and again over the next few years.

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Joe Salamone
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2010 Steinmetz Sonnenlay Pinot Noir

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