Pinot Noir Esoterica - Red, Still Champagne: Seconde Coteaux Champenois Rouge

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Pinot Noir Esoterica -
Red, Still Champagne
Secondé Coteaux Champenois Rouge
Huge Success in Challenging Category

"This is one of the three or four Coteaux Champenois that I find myself wanting to drink most frequently." -Peter Liem

When it comes to wine esoterica, still red Champagne ranks pretty high.

The best examples deliver a level of fascination that goes well beyond just being curiosities.

Today, we present one of the greats of this rare and overlooked category - Secondé's Sillery Rouge for $44.95 on bottles and $41.95 on 3-packs.

In the northern extremes of Champagne, still Pinot can be exhilarating, utterly pure with pristine minerals and beautifully finessed. Secondé Coteaux Champenois highlights this with its combination of being featherweight while still delivering a gorgeous intensity.

We've been obsessed with Coteaux Champenois for many years. We started carrying them shortly after opening in 2005 and have always searched for the most successful examples.

While we love Coteaux Champenois, we've been very selective about the ones that we've offered. The fact is that making very good wine in Champagne is never easy, but making still wine is even more demanding in these northern latitudes. It requires the best sites, conscientious vineyard work, including seriously restricted yields, and adept winemaking.

Today marks our third offer of Coteaux Champenois. It's been almost two years since our last offer. Secondé's really impressed me with its delicacy and its sleek elegance.

I first heard about Secondé's Coteaux Champenois rouge from Peter Liem when he mentioned Secondé's along with my favorites (Ledru, Lahaye, Larmandier-Bernier, Bara). A few months later, I noticed Secondé's Coteaux Champenois rouge in a distributor's book and ordered a case.

In short, I thought that it was really, really good and really complemented producers, like Benoit Lahaye and Paul Bara, whose style is richer and more structured.

Secondé's Sillery rouge is incredibly nimble and flat out delicious. There's an elegance and detail to the wine that's stunning. The label says that the alcohol clocks in at 11 percent and yet it feels wonderfully complete.

It's the wine's chalky finessed delicacy that makes the wine so utterly unique - it feels as though it couldn't come from any other place than Champagne.

Secondé's Sillery rouge is based on the 09 and 10 vintages. Both were fairly ripe vintages and well suited for Coteaux Champenois. It's sourced from two 60-year old parcels.

The Grand Cru of Sillery has a storied past. In the 17th century, it was considered one of the finest wines of Champagne. It was ranked right there with Aÿ. Today, Secondé is the only grower in Sillery.

On Secondé's Coteaux Champenois, Peter Liem writes, "if you can find them, these succulently delicious wines should not be missed." Secondé's is indeed lovely and really worth a look and rare.

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Secondé Coteaux Champenois

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