Pizza in Brooklyn

Posted by CrushWine

There is nothing like pizza from Brooklyn. The thin crispy crust, deliciously savory red sauce, fresh mozza and, in the summertime, a profusion of garden green basil that makes it refreshing enough to enjoy in the heat... Yummm! Hold your hot sauce and blue cheese, Buffalo, Brooklyn has you beat.

On the other hand, there is nothing more tedious than waiting in line for the perfect slice while your entire body melts into the pavement. Anyone who has ever tasted the iconic pizza by Di Fara’s knows exactly what I’m talking about. Brooklyn’s best pizza places have become meccas for tourists and locals alike - making it frustrating and exhausting to fulfill your craving.

Last night, I was hounded by just such a craving, but the idea of waiting was intolerable as it certainly was prime time for pizza eating. Thank God for the newly opened Brooklyn Bridge Park - the perfect place to eat take out from Grimaldi’s. One call (45 min ahead of time, albeit) and I was picking up my large pizza with garlic, ricotta, and of course extra basil and walking by the jealous line of tourists outside with the steaming pie. I was flying high, eating cross-legged in the park under the Brooklyn Bridge and the lit-up NYC skyline. Of course, contributing to my euphoria was the tasty little Côte-du-Rhone I snuck into the park, nicely protected in a Crush white paper bag! Charvin’s CDR has never tasted so good out of a plastic cup.