Powerful and Mineral:
2017 F.X. Pichler Riesling Steinertal Smaragd

Posted by Joe Salamone

The 2017 vintage really emphasizes Pichler's ability to deliver power with finesse and detail.

Pichler's 2017s are layered, rivetingly pure and focused.

As is almost always the case, if you're looking for the most mineral and elegant wine of the 2017 collection, then Steinertal is the site to check out.

Steinertal is one of the most underrated wines in the F.X. Pichler arsenal. Those of you who are familiar with Alzinger's Steinertal, know the potential, the delineation, the fine-ness of the mineral expression that Steinertal is capable of. F.X. Pichler's is extremely focused, with great delineation of mineral and stone fruits.

In 2017, this tranlates to a wine of laser-like precision and really serious length. The palate is awash in ultra-clear, stony minerality wtth ripe citrus and spice notes. The overall impression is tension-filled, intense and profoundly attention grabbing.

For us, this is the sleeper of Pichler's lineup. Vintage after vintage, we find it one of the most compelling of Pichler's wines. This becomes even more clear after the wine has some time in the cellar. We have high hopes for the 2017.

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Joe Salamone

Wine Buyer
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