Provence: The Classic Heart of Rosé

Posted by CrushWine

As France's oldest wine region, Provence has been making wine - and specifically rosé - for 2,600 years. Around 600 BC, the ancient Greeks rolled into southern France with vines in tow. At the time, all wines were rosé, as they hadn't yet experimented with extended macerations for deeper red wines from black grapes.

By the time the Romans came (and named the area Provincia Romana), the area had a reputation across the Mediterranean for outstanding rosés.

In the Middle Ages, the local abbeys made rosé wine as a revenue source for monasteries, and as time crept into the 14th century, nobility and military leaders took over vineyard management, and rosé became the classic wine of kings and aristocrats.

In the 20th century, increased tourism along the Cote d'Azur increased rosé production and its reputation, and today modern techniques and inspired winemakers have improved the character and quality of Provence’s rosés.