Radically Overachieving: 2011 Bachelet Bourgogne Rouge

Posted by Ian McFadden

Radically Overachieving
Bachelet: 2011 Bourgogne Rouge

"There is good verve and richness to the detailed and attractively complex flavors that terminate in a balanced and utterly delicious finish...

A Bourgogne that is well worth considering." -Burghound

For us, we do much more than "consider" Bachelet's Bourgogne. Year after year, we lunge for it as soon as it arrives and we return to it often.

I guess the fact that we offer out Bachelet's Bourgogne Rouge each and every vintage speaks loud and clear to our obsession with the wine. Along with Mugneret-Gibourg, Chevillon and Lafarge, Bachelet's Bourgogne Rouge transcends the humble category in a big way.

Returning to Bachelet is unavoidable for me. There's magic to the wines, a depth and mystery that I can never put my finger on and never tire of. They are some of the most noteworthy, authentic wines in the whole of Burgundy.

What's even more striking is that this magic stretches from the top-to-the-bottom of his range in a way that's extraordinary. And this helps to explain why I make it a point of cellaring Bachelet's Bourgogne. It very much rewards 5-7 years of cellaring.

I'm sure that many of you have heard all of this before, but it's nearly impossible for me not to repeat each time I write about Bachelet. It's a tiny jewel of a domaine that obsesses over every detail. And it shows.

The 2011 Bourgogne drives this home. It delivers an energy, depth and detail that are shocking. It's "just" a Bourgogne Rouge, but it's a study in a wine being a harmonious, total package. There's really good complexity here: red fruits are dotted with spice and topsoil and the vibrant acidity adds another dynamic element.

The issue is that there's a rather dramatic disparity between the size of the estate and the fame of the estate. As is usually the case, I don't have a ton of this to offer. This may cause us all sorts of headaches down the road, but you shouldn't miss this edition of Bachelet's Bourgogne Rouge.

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Ian McFadden
Director, Fine & Rare Wine
Crush Wine & Spirits