Rare 09 Foillard 3,14 MAGS

Posted by Joe Salamone

Rare - Elite Beaujolais Mags
2009 Foillard Morgon 3,14 Magnums

As rare as the 750s are, mags of Foillard's epic 3,14 are much, much rarer...

Which is why this offer is only going out to people who purchased 750s of Foillard's 3,14.

The 750s sold out quickly, and it's very likely that these mags will too.

Please take a look at last week's offer for a reminder on what makes 3,14 one of the most impressive Beaujolais around. For now, I should just say that 3,14 is the pinnacle of Morgon's best site, the Côte du Py. Côte du Py is known for producing some of the most beautifully wild cherry scented, elegant and most ageworthy Beaujolais.

If there was a Beaujolais vintage to splurge on mags, 2009 is it. 2009's offer a combination of ripeness, concentration and vivid terroir differences which easily make it one of the best vintages in the past ten years. And that may be a conservative take of the vintage - many growers compare 2009 to legends like 1947.

Regardless of how the 2009 vintage ultimately stacks up among the modern greats, all indications point to the vintage aging very well. When it comes to aging, magnums are ideal. They expose the wine to less oxygen and allow for longer aging.

Beaujolais, even at the level of complexity that 3,14 offers, is a joyous wine meant to be drunk in quantity with food and friends. So, in addition to offering greater ageability, mags are the perfect format for sharing.

As I mentioned earlier, quantities are limited. We're dealing with just a few cases. Please give us your maximum order and we will allocate as best we can.

To order, please email us at offers@crushwineco.com or call the store at (212) 980-9463.

Joe Salamone
Wine Buyer
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