Rare, Back-Vintage Roulot: 2004 Roulot Meursault Tessons - Clos de Mon Plaisir

Posted by Ian McFadden

Rare, Back-Vintage Roulot
2004 Roulot Meursault
Tessons - Clos de Mon Plaisir

Finding Roulot with age on it is next to impossible.

I'm happy to offer this very modestly sized parcel.

After so many emails, I probably don't have to spend much time saying how much I love Roulot and how he crafts some of the greatest Chardonnays on the planet.

Jean-Marc Roulot

In short, Roulot's Meursaults boast an ultra-clear elegance and saturating mineral presence. Roulot is all about poise, finesse and acid drive. Every time I taste Roulot I'm just shocked at how good they are.

While Roulot has 1er Crus, a large portion of his fame has centered around his lieux-dits wines. This gives a very clear glimpse at just how sensitively attuned Roulot is to terroir. The Tessons - Clos de Mon Plaisir is his top lieu dit. Think of it as a baby 1er Cru.

2004 is one of my favorite vintages for White Burgundy. I remember tasting them young and loving them. I've grown even fonder of them as they've aged. This is an incisive mineral and bright vintage. It's certainly a vintage that dovetailed perfectly with Roulot's style.

Tessons, and Roulot's .85ha monopole Clos de Mon Plaisir within it, is a riper site delivering richly textured wines. The 2004 vintage gave Mon Plaisir a really appealing zip with a floral- and citrus-accented brightness that perfectly complements the site's presence and intensity.

Roulot is one of the handful of White Burgundy producers that are aggressively hunted down each and every vintage by collectors and wine geeks alike. Availability on Roulot is always brutal. Please give us your ideal order and we'll do our best.

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Ian McFadden
Director, Fine & Rare Wine
Crush Wine & Spirits