Rare Cotat: 2012 François Cotat Sancerre Rosé

Posted by Joe Salamone

We decided to celebrate the unofficial end of summer with a Rosé. Of course, Cotat's rosé exists on a different level than almost every other rosé.

Simply put: there's no comparison to the simple, crisp quaffers meant to be drunk up quickly.

Cotat's are part of a select group of rosés that benefit from (and in some ways demand) aging. Sadly, they're as rare as they are beautiful.

Typically, Cotat's rosé is allocated to top accounts in 6-12 bottle quantities. Those bottles are quickly swept up. People who know don't hesitate to stuff they're cellars with the wine. Cotat rosé with 8-10 years on it is stunning.

When it comes to Sancerre, Cotat's village of Chavignol is a very special place. Chavignol is absolutely defined by its terroir: Kimmeridgian marl (the same soil as parts of Chablis) that imbues the wine with Chablis-like minerality.

Just like Cotat's whites, with age, it's the terroir that comes to dominate the rosé with a singular minerality. There may be a silky texture and gentle floral notes, but it's the stony minerality that defines old Cotat rosé.

2012 is a very strong vintage for the Loire in general, but Cotat's rosé is especially successful. The low-yielding vintage gave it an impressive density while the acid spine drives the lively minerality.

I'm certain that these bottles will disappear. When it comes to Cotat rosé, many people hit 'buy' immediately. Please give us your ideal order and we'll try our best.

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Joe Salamone

Wine Buyer

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