Rare, Cult Burgundy Values: Boisson-Vadot & Anne & Pierre Boisson 2008-2012

Posted by Ian McFadden

Rare, Cult Burgundy Values
Boisson-Vadot & Anne & Pierre Boisson 2008-2012

The Boisson family is turning out some of the most exciting Burgundies that we've tasted from a relatively unknown producer.

Over the past few years, Boisson wines have caught on in a huge way. Sadly, there's a brutal disconnect between demand and availabilty. These are wines that rarely see the light of day. They're swooped up quickly by those in the know.

I'm very happy to offer a wide range of their wines today. This is one of those examples of when I get obsessed with a producer and spend months amassing enough wine for an offering.

The sexy marketing line for Boisson is that Pierre Boisson is friends with Jean-François Coche's son, Raphael. There are some parallels that are worth mentioning. First, their line-up from Aligoté to their top wines are stunning. Like Coche, Boisson makes very good red wines that cruise under-the-radar. I really wanted to offer a range here to introduce just how good everything they produce is.

Before continuing, we should tackle the confusing labeling. You'll see wines labeled Pierre Boisson, Bernard Boisson-Vadot and Anne Boisson. All of these are made collaboratively in the same cellar and share the same style. The details about why this is are less interesting, so we'll just leave it at saying that these are essentially the same wines.

The Aligoté is a perfect place to start. It's one of the key examples of when this humble grape greatly exceeds expectations. Incredibly skilled winemaking is part of the story, but the impact of terroir can't be neglected either. It comes from vines planted in Meursault. The same goes for their Bourgogne Blanc, which also comes from vines planted in Meursault and delivers tons of Meursault character for a gentle tariff.

They produce Meursaults exactly as we like them: intensely mineral, nervy and yet, with the tell-tale Meursault nutty richness. They are also very fairly priced. The basic Meursault is sourced from 30-50 year-old vines in the lieu-dits of Criots and Perchots. There's a level of complexity and elegance that you rarely encounter at this level. Les Grands Charrons shows an enveloping richness that's backed by emphatic minerality and brisk. The Sous La Velle boasts a racier edge than the Charrons. There's a directness and elegance to the wine that's unforgettable.

Finally, there's the reds. I'm excited to present a range of the vintages (2008, 2009 & 2012) along with different appellations - Auxey-Duresses, Pommard & Monthelie. This is getting to be a long email, so instead of running through each wine (for reference they're all very classic expressions of their appellations), I'll just run through the common threads. As you'd expect, all of the reds exhibit a beautiful clarity and precision while delivering a light on its feet intensity. The high quality winemaking is blatantly apparent.

I should repeat that all of these are available in limited quantities. With the following for these wines, I expect many will sell out. With all that said, I really advise you to check these out.

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Ian McFadden
Director, Fine & Rare Wines
Crush Wine & Spirits