Rare Métras:
2014 Yvon Métras Fleurie l'Ultime

Posted by Joe Salamone

Métras' l'Ultime has become a ghost wine.

L'Ultime was always one of the best and rarest Beaujolais. Now, the wine has become impossible to find. There are currently no vintages of l'Ultime available in the U.S.

photo of Roagna Vineyard

Today, I'm happy to offer a small parcel of Métras' 2014 Fleurie l'Ultime. 

The 2014 Beaujolais is among the favorites of the past decade. The vintage has a density and undeniable presence, but also a driving acidity. This combination of harmony and intensity makes it stand out as something really special.

L'Ultime is a super-rare selection of perfect fruit from very low-yielding, old vines from two of Fleurie's top vineyards, Grille-Midi and La Madone. This all contributes to an even more significant dose of structure and tannin as well as greater concentration and depth than Métras' other bottlings. 

Above all, Métras' l'Ultime has a haunting textural complexity that makes it utterly unique and especially compelling. In short, l'Ultime takes Beaujolais to a nearly unimaginable level of intensity and depth. It explodes with a mix of granite inflected minerality, flowers, and dark fruits.

L'Ultime has such nuance and precision that it places Beaujolais in a different sphere. If you look at worldwide pricing, it's very clear that people recognize the rarity and incredible quality it has to offer. 

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Joe Salamone
Wine Buyer
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