Rare, Vines Planted in 1900: 2016 Stein Alfer Hölle 1900

Posted by Joe Salamone

In any given vintage, Stein produces 400-500 liters of this wine.

Ever since the first vintage in 2011, it's become our favorite bottling. Alfer Hölle 1900 is Stein’s magnum opus.

Last year, we had two opportunities to taste 2011-2015 and it cemented just how special this wine is.

The 2016 is a gorgeous vintage for the 1900. It's packed with slate-y and salty minerality and incredible length. For all of its density, the 1900 maintains a beautiful subtlety, delicacy and understatement while leaving an unforgettable imprint.

We have not met another winemaker in the Mosel with Ulli Stein's knowledge, passion, boundless energy and devotion to the region's forgotten vineyards. The Alfer Hölle 1900 is a monument to his efforts. There are a mere 3ha of vines planted in 1900 or earlier in the entire Mosel, so Stein's parcel is very special. The story goes that a winemaker who wasn't much more than an acquaintance of Stein's passed away. Before his death, he told his wife that he wanted Ulli to work the 1900 vineyard and arrangements were made for the sale.

It's always a pleasure to offer Stein's wines, but having a parcel of the 1900 is especially exciting. Stein makes some of the most soulful and intricate Rieslings that we know of.

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Joe Salamone

Wine Buyer
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