Rarely Seen Foillard: 2012 Foillard Morgon Classique

Posted by Joe Salamone

Rarely Seen Foillard
2012 Foillard Morgon Classique

Foillard is a producer that we can't get enough of.

The wines are simply delicious and food-friendly. We always buy Foillard in quantity.

Beyond just the deliciousness factor, Foillard's wines are captivating in their complexity and textures. It's for these reasons that Foillards are some of the most beloved Beaujolais out there.

Foillard's Classique is a beautiful introduction to Foillard's silky textured, cherry-scented and mineral-tinged style of Morgon. We love it for its drinkabilty. Foillard's outrageous purity of fruit is on display along with the nimble and bright acidity that makes drinking his wines so dangerously easy to do.

2012 in Beaujolais was no walk in the park. The line between failure and success is clearly drawn. It's probably no surprise that Foillard is squarely in the latter category. Foillard's 2012s are some of our absolute favorites of the vintage. We really love Foillard in cooler vintages ('07, '10 and now '12.) His 2012s show the vividness, delineation and straight-up joyful drinking that the best of the vintage offers.

Foillard is a master of Morgon. The level of joyful drinking and fascination that his "basic" Classique bottling delivers is really impressive. We've created special 4-pack pricing because this is something that you'll want to drink plenty of.

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Joe Salamone
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